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Ash Gaming Online Progressive Jackpots

Bingo Bowl Jackpots Review

Bingo Bowl Bingo
Lucky Strike (WH Bingo »): £2,547.72
Score: 13
The Kingpin (WH Bingo »): £50.00
Score: 0
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Jackpot Names: Lucky Strike Jackpot & The Kingpin Jackpot (50-Ball Bingo Bowl room)
Software: Ash Gaming
Ticket's Cost: £ 0.01 - 1.00
Max Tickets: 50
Win Combos: 10
Min Jackpot (seeds): £1,000 (Lucky Strike)
£50 (The Kingpin)
Largest Wins: £3,292.72 (Lucky Strike WH Bingo)
£263.47 (The Kingpin WH Bingo)
Average Hits: £2,865.25 (Lucky Strike WH Bingo) (10 hits)
£107.52 (The Kingpin WH Bingo) (174 hits)
Avg. Hit Times: 1 month 24 days (Lucky Strike WH Bingo)
12 hours 20 mins (The Kingpin WH Bingo)
Last Hits: £3,165 on 2019-09-01 (Lucky Strike WH Bingo)
£111 on 2017-09-19 (The Kingpin WH Bingo)
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 52.00% (The Kingpin WH Bingo)
Jackpot Types: 3 (Gaussian bell) (The Kingpin WH Bingo)

The Lucky Strike and The Kingpin progressive jackpots can be won in the Bingo Bowl room. Bingo Bowl is a 50-ball bingo variant game, which includes a bespoke feature area displaying the stateful Kingpin jackpot ticket.

Tickets and Strips
A Bingo Bowl ticket comprises of 10 bowling pins laid out in a triangular position, with 10 random numbers displayed on top of them ranging from 1 and 50. In the Bingo Bowl game, a strip will consist of 5 tickets. Every possible number from 1 through to 50 will appear on each full strip. The price of a ticket varies for each bingo game. Once the game has started, the purchased tickets will show a unique ticket number.

Game Prizes
In each bingo game, there are 3 prizes to be won House prize, Lucky Strike Jackpot and a Kingpin Jackpot prize. The player who is the first to have all bowling pins removed from their ticket will be the Full house winner. The player(s) who wins the Full House prize may also win the Lucky Strike Jackpot and a Kingpin Jackpot Ticket prize.

Winning a Prize
You win if your ticket is the first to meet the following criteria:
*House or Bingo - all the numbers displayed on 1 ticket have been called.
*Lucky Strike Jackpot you are the full house winner(s) and you remove all numbers from your ticket in the required ball calls.
*Kingpin Jackpot Prize you are the full house winner/s and your house number is also displayed and not marked off the Kingpin Ticket.

Kingpin Jackpot Bingo Ticket
When the full house is won the player/s who won the full house will then be entitled to one of the Kingpin Jackpot prizes, if the final ball called also appears on the Jackpot Ticket, and is not already marked off.

There are 2 Kingpin jackpot prizes available:
1. Any Number when the number marked off does not create House.
2. House when the number marked off is the last number to be marked off the Kingpin Ticket.

In the case of a split win the Lucky Strike Jackpot and the House Kingpin Jackpot prizes will be shared between all House Winners and the community based on players stake amount. The state of the Kingpin Ticket will roll over in proceeding games i.e. previously marked off numbers will remain gold until House has been won.

Bouncy Bowl Slot

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