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Captain Cashfall Slot Review

Captain Cashfall slot
Captain Cashfall Gold Lobster (WH Games »): £100,983.41
Score: 84*
Captain Cashfall Silver Lobster (WH Games »): £7,517.44
Score: 60*
Captain Cashfall Bronze Lobster (WH Games »): £9,316.36
Score: 96*
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Jackpot Name: Captain Cashfall
Software: Core Gaming
Coins: $/€/£ 0.01 - 25.00
Max Bet: $/€/£ 500.00
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Winning Combos: 32
Min Jackpot (seeds) - Contribution: £10,000 (Gold) - 1.0%
£2,000 (Silver) - 0.6%
£500 (Bronze) - 0.4%
Largest Wins: £1,899,390.10 (WH Games)
£10,528.91 (r WH Games)
£5,002.65 (r WH Games)
Average Hits: £130,000.00 (WH Games) (expected)
£6,415.91 (r WH Games) (3 hits)
£10,000.00 (r WH Games) (1 hit)
Avg. Hit Times: 1 month 17 days (WH Games)
1 month 2 days (r WH Games)
13 days 13 hours (r WH Games)
Last Hits: £1,899,390 on 2019-09-04 (WH Games)
£2,362 on 2018-06-07 (r WH Games)
£5,002 on 2018-02-08 (r WH Games)

Captain Cashfall is a standard 5-reel slot game with 20 paylines. There are 3 scatter features, 3 personal progressive trails and 3 community progressive pots. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except scatters. During any spin a Wild symbol appearing on the middle reel will expand covering that entire reel if there is a win.

Scatter Feature 1 - Fish Wife Free Spins:
10, 20 or 30 Free Spins are triggered by acquiring 3, 4 or 5 bonus scatters on any reel. During the Free Spins, there are 2 locked Wilds, in the middle position on reels 2 and 4. If the Wild lands on reel 3, it will expand as in the main game. More Free Spins can be won within Free Spins. All other features are available to be won during Free Spins, including the cashpots. This would only happen if a Lobster Pot Shot scatter bonus is triggered, and a cashpot is won.

Scatter Feature 2 - Sea Dog's Super Slot:
This symbol only occurs on reels 2,3 and 4. 3 symbols will award a number of spins on a mini-slot machine. The player is presented with pick me choice and can win either 3, 5 or 10 spins. A mini-slot machine then appears, which has 3 reels and each has a window of 3, with 1 centre payline available to win on. Only 3X matching same coloured fish symbols win. With each spin the player pays win an accumulating multiplier: 50x for 3 Red, 25x for 3 Blue, 5x for 3 Green and 1x for Any Red & Blue & Green.

Scatter Feature 3 - Lobster Pot Shot:
This symbol only occurs on reels 1,3 and 5. 3 symbols will award a chance to win one of the 3 cashpots. You can win one of the 3 progressive cashpots and/or a cash prize. The player is presented with a closed chest and presses the chest to cause it to be kicked and open. Inside the chest there will be one of 5 things: Red lobster, Yellow lobster, Blue lobster, Cash and a STOP. Each coloured lobster is added into the 3 stage counter associated with one of the 3 pots (the value of which is displayed). The player will continue to open the chest until one of the following occurs: The player fills all 3 lobsters of a particular colour. The player wins the associated pot and any cash accrued. The player reveals a STOP and the player wins any cash that has been accrued.

Personal Progressive Trails:
Each trail is associated with a colour and a particular reel symbol. One or more instance of each of these three symbols will be backed by the associated colour. The fish symbol is backed by a yellow block (and accumulates to the Fish Bar trail). The wheel symbol is backed by a blue block (and accumulates to the Ship's Wheel trail). The fishing reel symbol is backed by a red block (and accumulates to the Fishing Reel trail). After each spin, any of these colour backed symbols will increment the associated trail by one section. An average stake meter is attached to each of the 3 trials individually. This will be used as a multiplier when the a feature is awarded. The average will be updated on a spin by spin basis. In the cases where there is an overspill of trail increments, these will carry - but in all cases the average stake meter will reset to zero after it is used as a multiplier.

Personal Progressive Feature 1 - Fish Bar:
A moving conveyor belt with fish of various sizes traveling right to left across the screen. There are up to 5 rounds, indicated by the menu on the left. The fish increase in size and worth as the player moves up the menu. Each round, the fish may be pressed to reveal either a stake multiplier value or a STOP. A meter will increment with the accumulation of multipliers achieved. If X2 is achieved on the first pick, and X3 on the second, the accumulator will show X5.

Personal Progressive Feature 2 - Captain's Wheel:
A ship's wheel with stake multiplier values and STOP positions. With each press of the button the wheel will spin left or right via a sweep, the wheel will spin fast then gradually slow with the pointer indicating either a multiplier or a STOP. A meter will increment with the accumulation of multipliers achieved. If X2 is achieved on the first spin, and X3 on the second, the accumulator will show X5. The wheel contains 22 coloured segments. Initially there will be no STOP positions. With each multiplier achieved, one or more STOPS may be added. STOPS will be added to replace lowest value multipliers first.

Personal Progressive Feature 3 - Reel 'Em In:
Captain Cashfall is fishing off a pier. With each press of the button, the captain will fish out either a fish or a STOP object. With each fish the scale will increment until a STOP object is revealed. The column scale will show a progression of eleven stake multiplier values.

3 Progressive Cashpots
There are 3 progressive cashpots which are labelled Bronze, Silver and Gold. During each spin a proportion of the money staked is added to each cashpot. Each pot will also have a base seed value. The jackpot seeded values (Percentage of Stake) are as follows:

Bronze Jackpot: seeded at £500 (0.4%).
Silver Jackpot: seeded at £2,000 (0.6%).
Gold Jackpot: seeded at £10,000 (1%).

All players contribute a percentage of each bet placed (2%) to the progressive on every game. Each winning progressive will be delivered via the Lobster Pot Shot scatter bonus.

The game has a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 94.86%. The maximum payout of one spin in this game is 250,000.00 in credits.

Captain Cashfall Slot
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