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90-Ball The Crystal Maze Bingo Review

The Crystal Maze Bingo Progressive
Crystal Maze: £7,974.80
Score: 53
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Jackpot Name: 90-Ball The Crystal Maze Bingo 1p
Software: GameSys (JackpotJoy)
Min Bet: 1p per ticket * 6 tickets to qualify
Max Bet: £1
Max Cards: 20
Min Jackpot (seed) £2,500
Largest Win: £68,428.92
Average Hit: £14,020.30 (17 hits)
Avg. Hit Time: 17 days 7 hours
Last Hit: £2,700 on 2021-09-25
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 123.94%
Jackpot Type: 1 (exponent)

The Crystal Maze Bingo is a 90-Ball bingo game with with a bonus feature if you purchase 6 tickets or more in the game and a 38 ball networked progressive jackpot. A total of 90 numbers will be called as you play with cards that include 15 numbers on them. To win a cash prize, mark the numbers off your bingo card when they are called.

Prizes are awarded as follows:
• 1 line - marking off any horizontal line
• 2 lines - marking off any two horizontal lines
• Full house - marking off every number on your ticket

After buying your tickets you can continue on with your day as our bingo game will automatically keep track of your tickets and will award you any prizes you have won.

How to Play The Crystal Maze Bingo
The room area is divided into 3 columns. The left column which is called the Fun Panel, holds a selection of mini games you can play. The middle column holds details of the current game - jackpots, number of players, balls called, and the Buy Tickets button. A timer that's counting down to the next game is located at the bottom. The right hand column contains the Chat window.

Click on the Buy Tickets button and you'll be taken to the Ticket Shop. Select the number of tickets you want to buy. By using the tabs at the top of the Ticket Shop you can also see all the tickets you currently own as well as Schedule buying for later games in your current room. Once your tickets are bought you're ready to begin the game. The computer will automatically do the game for you and ensure that your most complete cards are pushed to the front so you can be sure you're watching the front of the race! Your account will be credited automatically when you are the winner!

Progressive Jackpot
Crystal Maze Bingo features a progressive jackpot that will take a portion of each ticket sold and continue to grow until someone wins it. Completing a full house within a certain amount of numbers will win you the jackpot, the size of which is displayed in the game window at all times. Look for the 'Progressive Jackpot (PJ)' symbol in game to see the Progressive Jackpot available.

The Jackpot Timer
A special new feature added for Crystal Maze Bingo is the timed jackpot, which works alongside the visual ball countdown. Complete a full house before the timer runs out and win the progressive jackpot!

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