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Daily Jackpots Slot RTG
Daily Jackpots Mega (Betsafe »): £11,139.15
Score: 12
Daily Jackpots Super (Betsafe »): £49,292.81
Score: 0
Daily Jackpots Daily (Betsafe »): £2,923.27
Score: 0
Daily Jackpots Quick Hit (Betsafe »): £365.68
Score: 0
Daily Jackpots Daily (Unibet »): £1,647.15
Score: 6
Daily Jackpots Daily (Party Casino): $14,485.87
Score: 16
Daily Jackpots Mega (Party Casino): $554,938.90
Score: 82
Daily Jackpots Super (Party Casino): $954.41
Score: 37
Daily Jackpots Quick Hit (Party Casino): $85.24
Score: 13
Daily Jackpots Daily (888Casino »): $10,742.00
Score: 53
Daily Jackpots Daily (Paf »): €11,919.09
Score: 50
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Jackpot Name: Daily Jackpots
Software: Red Tiger Gaming
Coins: £/€/$ 0.01 - £/€/$ 25.00
Max Bet: £/€/$ 500.00
Paylines: 20
Min Jackpot (seeds): £/€/$ 100,000 (Mega)
£/€/$ 10,000 (Super)
£/€/$ 1,000 (Daily)
£/€/$ 100 (Quick Hit)
MAX Jackpot (caps): £/€/$ 1,000,000 (Mega)
£/€/$ 100,000 (Super)
£/€/$ 500 (Quick Hit)
Largest Wins: £40,161.11 (Mega Betsafe)
£86,810.87 (Super Betsafe)
£22,312.62 (Daily Betsafe)
£451.27 (Quick Hit Betsafe)
£45,001.24 (Daily Unibet)
$86,137.71 (Daily Party Casino)
$1,314,686.27 (Mega Party Casino)
$1,251.58 (Super Party Casino)
$1,855.09 (Quick Hit Party Casino)
$47,282.70 (Daily 888Casino)
€112,222.23 (Daily Paf)
Average Hits: £19,078.39 (Mega Betsafe) (639 hits)
£72,425.77 (Super Betsafe) (31 hits)
£4,378.26 (Daily Betsafe) (465 hits)
£312.55 (Quick Hit Betsafe) (3042 hits)
£10,575.86 (Daily Unibet) (1239 hits)
$40,034.11 (Daily Party Casino) (954 hits)
$208,385.55 (Mega Party Casino) (91 hits)
$891.78 (Super Party Casino) (263 hits)
$287.47 (Quick Hit Party Casino) (1559 hits)
$19,267.08 (Daily 888Casino) (261 hits)
€22,437.71 (Daily Paf) (170 hits)
Avg. Hit Times: 1 day 0 hours (Mega Betsafe)
12 days 15 hours (Super Betsafe)
1 day 0 hours (Daily Betsafe)
6 hours 0 mins (Quick Hit Betsafe)
1 day 0 hours (Daily Unibet)
1 day 0 hours (Daily Party Casino)
6 days 21 hours (Mega Party Casino)
10 hours 0 mins (Super Party Casino)
4 hours 50 mins (Quick Hit Party Casino)
1 day 0 hours (Daily 888Casino)
1 day 0 hours (Daily Paf)
Last Hits: £17,588 on 2022-10-03 (Mega Betsafe)
£83,667 on 2019-07-08 (Super Betsafe)
£5,570 on 2019-07-16 (Daily Betsafe)
£285 on 2019-07-17 (Quick Hit Betsafe)
£2,179 on 2023-10-04 (Daily Unibet)
$42,205 on 2021-10-05 (Daily Party Casino)
$77,954 on 2021-09-03 (Mega Party Casino)
$906 on 2019-08-29 (Super Party Casino)
$345 on 2019-08-29 (Quick Hit Party Casino)
$13,522 on 2024-05-19 (Daily 888Casino)
€112,222 on 2022-05-05 (Daily Paf)
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 46.32% (Mega Betsafe)
21.88% (Super Betsafe)
63.10% (Daily Betsafe)
34.92% (Quick Hit Betsafe)
65.78% (Daily Unibet)
29.34% (Daily Party Casino)
95.00% (Mega Party Casino)
28.79% (Super Party Casino)
79.53% (Quick Hit Party Casino)
38.55% (Daily 888Casino)
40.65% (Daily Paf)
Jackpot Types: 2 (sum of 2 exponents) (Mega Betsafe)
3 (Gaussian bell) (Super Betsafe)
2 (sum of 2 exponents) (Daily Betsafe)
3 (Gaussian bell) (Quick Hit Betsafe)
2 (sum of 2 exponents) (Daily Unibet)
3 (Gaussian bell) (Daily Party Casino)
1 (exponent) (Mega Party Casino)
3 (Gaussian bell) (Super Party Casino)
1 (exponent) (Quick Hit Party Casino)
3 (Gaussian bell) (Daily 888Casino)
3 (Gaussian bell) (Daily Paf)

Daily Jackpots are available in dozens of different online slot games from Red Tiger Gaming: Snow Wild and the Seven Features, Golden Temple, Mystery Reels, Rainbow Jackpots, Lucky Easter, Cinderella's Ball, Grand Wheel, Chinese Treasures, Ra's Legend, Ocean Fortune, Ancient Script, Wild Nords, Magic Gate, Lucky Fortune Cat, Blue Diamond, Lion Dance, Divine Ways, Golden Offer, Crazy Genie, Puss'N Boots, Winter Wonders, Jade Charms, Persian Fortune, Dragons Luck, Treasure Mine, Jingle Bells, Lucky Wizard, Five Star, Gems Gone Wild, Three Kingdoms, Masquerade, Lucky Little Devil, Fortune House, Reel Heist, Ten Elements, Mega Jade, Gold Star, Epic Journey, Totem Lightning, Elven Magic, Lucky Halloween, Lucky Valentine, God of Wealth, Golden Lotus, Wild Spartans, Wild Fight, Imperial Palace, Three Musketeers, Arcade Bomb, Stage 888, Wild Wild Chest, Fortune Fest, and Phoenix. Most slots have 5-reel and 20 payline format.

Daily Jackpots - Guaranteed To Fall Everyday
From the Far East, to Persia and Ancient Egypt, each "Daily Jackpots" game is packed full of bonus features, top quality graphics and plenty of free spins. But most of all, these slots are unique in that they offer guaranteed jackpots, and some of them must be won daily.

4 Ways to Win - Daily Jackpots
Play every day from 00:01 till 00:00 to see when and where the Daily Jackpot falls. Every spin played is a step closer to the winning spin. The jackpot will be hit just once a day.

The Mega Jackpot doesn't quite adhere to the daily policy, but for good reason. Instead this jackpot will only fall when it's ready (or reach its 'cap'), and this can mean some seriously mega winnings. If you're not into waiting for the millions, then you should try to hit the Super Jackpot. This special jackpot has a £100,000 ceiling and can fall at any time.

And finally, if you simply can't wait then the Quick Hit Jackpot might be the one for you. Up to £500 (cap) could be yours for the taking.

Capped Progressive Jackpots
Maga, Super and Quick Hit Progressive Jackpots are Type 4 jackpots with a fixed MAX hit value. So, you should not expect SCORES over 200 for such jackpots (see Probability Curves). All SCORES of over 100 are recommended for them in order to increase your odds.

Old Jackpot Stats
Right now you may see only "Daily" jackpot that is called "MEGA" with the minimum value of €10,000. Before 2020 Red Tiger Gaming offered 4 jackpots on different levels, including Mega jackpot with seed of €/£ 100,000, average hit value of £1,244,465.35 (from 4 hits), and the biggest payout of £1,505,139.93. Old Daily jackpot had a seed of £1,000, average hit value of £4,364.10 (from 467 hits), and the biggest ever hit of £22,312.62.

Daily Jackpots - RTG Progressive Slot
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