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OpenBet Online Progressive Jackpots

Deal Or No Deal: The Banker's Riches Progressive Slot Review

Deal Or No Deal: The Banker's Riches slot
1 (WH Games »): £37,011.46
Score: 106*
2 (WH Games »): £6,713.86
Score: 2
3 (WH Games »): £143,188.63
Score: 87*
1 (LB Bingo »): £9,298.59
Score: 60
3 (LB Games »): £115,481.78
Score: 102*
2 (LB Bingo »): £25,817.80
Score: 4
3 (LB Bingo »): £115,305.27
Score: 96*
3 (CasinoClub »): €176,032.54
Score: 84*
2 (CasinoClub »): €69,860.64
Score: 47*
1 (CasinoClub »): €18,809.85
Score: 93*
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Jackpot Name: Deal Or No Deal: The Banker's Riches
Software: OpenBet
Min Bet: £ 0.01
Max Bet: £ 100.00
Reels/ Paylines: 5 / 20
Min Jackpot (seed): £10,000 (Safe 1)
£50,000 (Safe 2)
£100,000 (Safe 3)
Largest Wins: £62,862.83 (1 WH Games)
£78,243.31 (2 WH Games)
£289,376.20 (3 WH Games)
£26,883.94 (1 LB Bingo)
£44,568.57 (2 LB Bingo)
Average Hits: £33,865.01 (1 WH Games) (2 hits)
£53,669.94 (2 WH Games) (2 hits)
£168,994.14 (3 WH Games) (2 hits)
£12,059.80 (1 LB Bingo) (8 hits)
£110,000.00 (3 LB Games) (expected)
£44,568.57 (2 LB Bingo) (1 hit)
£120,000.00 (3 LB Bingo) (expected)
€200,000.00 (3 CasinoClub) (expected)
€100,000.00 (2 CasinoClub) (expected)
€20,000.00 (1 CasinoClub) (expected)
Avg. Hit Times: 4 months 15 days (1 WH Games)
6 months 11 days (2 WH Games)
1 year 2 months (3 WH Games)
4 months 9 days (1 LB Bingo)
10 months 21 days (3 LB Games)
8 months 19 days (2 LB Bingo)
1 year 1 month (3 LB Bingo)
5 months 0 days (3 CasinoClub)
2 months 21 days (2 CasinoClub)
1 month 14 days (1 CasinoClub)
Last Hits: £4,867 on 2016-04-18 (1 WH Games)
£29,096 on 2018-02-08 (2 WH Games)
£289,376 on 2015-01-12 (3 WH Games)
£8,443 on 2017-05-11 (1 LB Bingo)
£32,743 on 2017-08-01 (2 LB Bingo)

Deal Or No Deal: The Banker's Riches is a brand new 20 line slot game derived from the popular TV show! Stake from as little as 1p to £100 for a chance of winning! There are 3 great bonus features and a 3 level progressive jackpot to play for in this compelling slot game.

Wild symbol substitutes (Deal or No Deal Neon logo) for all symbols except Scatter (Telephone). Any number of Wild's substituting in a winning combination doubles the prize.

The Reel Banker
3 or 4 x Bonus symbols can trigger The Reel Banker Bonus game. Player receives continuous free spins, ending whenever the Banker symbol lands on Reel 3. All wins during the free games are doubled (x2). No bonus games can be triggered during this feature.

The Bankers Best Offer
3 or 4 x Bonus symbols can trigger The Bankers Best Offer Bonus game. You are offered up to 10 unique Banker Offers. Offers are valued from 1 to 20 times the total player stake. Offer values will go up and down. Each offer may be taken or declined. Once an offer has been declined it cannot be re-claimed. If you decline all of the offers you'll be awarded the prize for the 10th offer.

Deal or No Deal - The Jackpot!
3, 4 or 5 x Bonus symbols can trigger the Deal or No Deal - The Jackpot bonus game. Play the classic game of Deal or No Deal with the top prize of the Progressive Jackpot. You must play Maximum Lines (20) in order to qualify for the Progressive Jackpot. If you are playing less than 20 lines, an alternative top cash prize can be won. The particular jackpot depends on your stake per line.

Choose a lucky box, then open the remaining boxes one by one. Each box contains a cash prize. Once a cash amount has been revealed it is removed from the prize board and cannot be won. The Banker will make an offer after 6 boxes, with the ultimate question: Deal or No Deal? The Bankers offer will be approximately the average of all the remaining amounts on the prize board not including the progressive jackpot amount.

If the offer is accepted, you receive the value of the offer. If the offer is declined, play will repeat with 4 more offers until only one unopened box and the players Lucky Box remains. If the final offer is declined you will then have the opportunity to swap boxes. You will then win the amount in the box on the table. The odds of winning the progressive Jackpot prize are not 1 in 26.

Progressive Jackpots
There are 3 Progressive Jackpots that can be won in the bonus game: Safe 1, Safe 2 and Safe 3. The level of Jackpot to be played for is determined by the stake per line of the spin that triggered the bonus. All Progressive Jackpots start values are funded by the operator. All increments to the Jackpot are funded from 0.5% of the value of bets placed.

The starting values of the Jackpots are as follows:
SAFE 1: 10,000 GBP
SAFE 2: 50,000 GBP
SAFE 3: 100,000 GBP

Deal Or No Deal: The Banker's Riches Slot

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