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Deal Or No Deal: Jackpot Game Review

Deal Or No Deal: Jackpot
Deal Or No Deal Jackpot (WH Games »): £80,487.08
Score: 75*
Deal Or No Deal Jackpot (LB Games »): £396,528.44
Score: 99*
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Jackpot Name: Deal Or No Deal: Jackpot
Software: OpenBet
Min Bet: £ 0.01
Max Bet: £ 100.00
Game Types: Arcade
Min Jackpot (seed): £10,000
Largest Wins: £154,226.79 (WH Games)
Average Hits: £102,662.89 (WH Games) (3 hits)
£400,000.00 (LB Games) (expected)
Avg. Hit Times: 11 months 2 days (WH Games)
8 months 5 days (LB Games)
Last Hits: £154,226 on 2013-11-22 (WH Games)

Deal Or No Deal: Jackpot is an online version of the popular TV show. Pick a box then reveal the contents of the remaining ones. Place side bets predicting the amount in your box and what your next offer could be. Plus look out for the Jackpot token in your lucky box for a chance to play the new progressive Jackpot game and win life-changing cash! Will you hold your nerve or Take the offer when the mysterious Banker calls?

In Deal or No Deal there are 26 boxes, each containing a different prize. At the start you must select one box to remain unopened until the end. Choose carefully, the aim is to select the box containing the top prize.

Click to open the remaining boxes in a sequence of rounds or you have the option to use the "Quickpick" that will randomly select the boxes to reveal. After each round the banker will ring with an offer for your box. Click on the telephone to answer the call and view the offer.

Choose DEAL to accept the offer or NO DEAL to reject it and play on. When there are only 2 boxes left The Banker will make their final offer. If the offer is rejected, The Banker will ask you whether you would like to Swap your box with the box remaining on the shelf. Accepting or rejecting the offer will reveal both boxes and pay out the amount within the box that is on the table.

A certain number of boxes must be opened in each round. The game is over when you either accept an offer from The Banker or reject their final offer.

Side Bets
There are 2 side bets available throughout the game:

What's In My Box? - This bet allows you to predict the amount that is in your lucky box. You can bet on the same amount over a number of rounds provided it is still in play. If the amount is eliminated from the game, that bet is lost. Winning bets payout at the end of the game when the amount in the players' lucky box is revealed.

What's My Next Offer? - This bet allows you to predict the range that your next Banker's Offer will fall in. A new range of bets will be available after each Bankers Offer. Bets payout after each Banker's Offer.

Progressive Jackpot Game
If at the end of the game you find the special Jackpot Token appearing from the box that remains on the table you will be taken to play the Deal or No Deal Jackpot game. 26 boxes will be on display. 5 Jackpot tokens are hidden in 5 different boxes out of the 26. You have to try and find as many of the 5 tokens as possible, however you can only open 5 boxes. If you find all 5 tokens you will win the Jackpot prize. Smaller prizes will also be won for finding less than 5 tokens.

Deal Or No Deal: Jackpot
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