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All Playtech Online Progressive Jackpots (JPs)

Genie's Hi-Lo Progressive Game Review

Genie's Hi-Lo Slot
Genies Hi-Lo $5: $8,682.63
Score: 86
Genies Hi-Lo $2: $3,473.05
Score: 86
Genies Hi-Lo $1: $1,736.52
Score: 86
Genies Hi-Lo 50c: $868.26
Score: 86
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Jackpot Name: Genie's Hi-Lo $5, $2, $1, 50c
Software: Playtech
Coins: $/€0.05 - 1.00
Max Bet: $/€8 (8 coins)
Number of Reels: 3x3
Paylines: 8
Winning Combos: 19 + bonus feature
Min Jackpot (seeds): $1,250 ($5)
$500 ($2)
$250 ($1)
$125 (50c)
Largest Wins: $17,160.81 ($5)
$6,864.35 ($2)
$3,432.16 ($1)
$1,716.07 (50c)
Average Hits: $9,816.81 ($5) (48 hits)
$3,926.82 ($2) (48 hits)
$1,961.93 ($1) (48 hits)
$983.69 (50c) (48 hits)
Avg. Hit Times: 1 month 21 days ($5)
1 month 21 days ($2)
1 month 21 days ($1)
1 month 21 days (50c)
Last Hits: $8,808 on 2016-12-21 ($5)
$3,523 on 2016-12-21 ($2)
$1,761 on 2016-12-21 ($1)
$880 on 2016-12-21 (50c)
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 48.43% ($5)
49.37% ($2)
46.90% ($1)
51.76% (50c)
Jackpot Types: 3 (Gaussian bell) ($5)
3 (Gaussian bell) ($2)
3 (Gaussian bell) ($1)
3 (Gaussian bell) (50c)

Genie's Hi-Lo is a very exciting card game where you predict the next card's colour or hi/lo value. The game is played with a single deck and 4 different coin sizes (50c - $5). First, choose the amount you want to wager and click Confirm. Now pick a card. Bet box is opened and you can choose your bet. You can make two bets: one whether the next card is Higher or Lower, the other if it is Red or Black. You can make one or both of these bets. The harder the bet is for you, the higher the payout.

Possible win amount is displayed on the top edge of the bet box to help you making a decision. Now click Confirm and pick a card - you can manually draw a card or "autopick". If one or both of your bets are incorrect, you lose your money and the game is over. If both bets are correct, you win. Now you can Cash Out your winnings and end the game or Continue and bet the winning amount.

Again, place one or both bets, click Confirm and pick a card. You can continue until you have successfully predicted all 10 cards.

Note: In Genie's Hi Lo, Aces count as one (the lowest card).

Progressive Jackpot
With each successful guess, you draw the next card and move progressively higher up the winnings ladder on the left. After each correct guess, you are given the option of either cashing out or continuing to raise the stakes. If you manage to pick out 11 winner guesses in a row, you win the growing progressive jackpot. However, you risk loosing all of your winnings if you make even one wrong guess on your way to the big jackpot.

Genie's Hi-Lo $1 Screenshot: Play Genie's Hi-Lo now


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