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Gin Joint Jackpot Progressive Slot Review

Gin Joint slot
Gin Joint Gold Rush (888Casino »): $18,356.00
Score: 7
Gin Joint (WH Vegas »): £26,928.27
Score: 18
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Jackpot Name: Gin Joint Jackpot
Software: Ash Gaming
Coins: $/€/£ 0.01 - 10.00
Max Bet: $/€/£ 200.00
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Win Combos: 34
Min Jackpot (seed): £10,000, now £20,000
Largest Wins: $354,304.00 (888Casino)
£267,537.63 (WHVegas)
Average Hits: $114,154.85 (888Casino) (30 hits)
£124,160.51 (WHVegas) (8 hits)
Avg. Hit Times: 26 days 1 hours (888Casino)
5 months 20 days (WHVegas)
Last Hits: $18,286 on 2016-10-01 (888Casino)
£58,699 on 2015-07-08 (WHVegas)
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 83.98% (888Casino)
Jackpot Types: 1 (exponent) (888Casino)

Gin Joint Jackpot is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine game based on a 1920s gangster theme. The slot features a Progressive Jackpot in the Shootout bonus round, an in-reel shoot-the-henchman Gunfight bonus, 'Gamble Win' option, and a scatter icon which gives access to the additional Booze Bustin' bonus game.

Shootout Bonus Round and Progressive Jackpot
The bonus round scene is in a bar. Shoot as many Henchman as you can and win a cash reward for each one you shoot. You have 2 options - play the game yourself in 'Manual Fire' mode, where you must click on the screen wherever the henchman appear in order to take them out, or play in 'Auto Fire' mode, where the Detective will do the shooting for you.

Each time a henchman runs across the screen or pops up to take a shot at you from any other hiding place, you must click anywhere on the henchman's body or gun to shoot him. For each henchman you shoot, you get a cash reward. You have unlimited bullets, but only 6 bullets available at a time, after which the game will automatically re-load your gun for you. You cannot fire while it is re-loading. Shoot henchmen before the Big Boss shows up and challenges you to a Shootout. How long he takes to show up will vary from game to game.

To play in 'Auto Fire' mode, press the 'Auto Fire' button, and just sit back and watch as the Detective cleans up the town! He'll do his best to get as many henchman as he can.

Progressive: At the end of the shoot-out, the game will move on to the car chase scene. Just watch as the detective takes on the Big Boss and catches him and wait to see what's in his truck. You'll score a cash reward for the Barrels he has. If there are 3 barrels in the truck, you win the Progressive Jackpot.

Booze Bustin' Bonus Game
If 3 or more Officer symbols appear as a scatter on the reels, you'll enter the Booze Bustin' bonus. According to whether you had 3, 4 or 5 symbols, you'll get 3, 4 or 5 attempts to find booze. You must select a square on the map grid where you want the Officer to drive to. He will search in that area, and you'll receive an award if that area contained illicit booze. If you don't find any alcohol you win nothing for that attempt.

In-Reels Shootout
The In-reels Shootout is a special bonus win triggered by the Detective appearing anywhere on the left reel and a henchman appearing anywhere on any other reel. The game is played automatically on the reels - watch as the detective attempts to shoot each henchman on the reels, and win a reward for each one he hits.

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Gin Joint Jackpot Slot
Gin Joint Jackpot
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