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Ash Gaming Online Progressive Jackpots

Joker Jackpot Bingo Jackpot Review

Joker Jackpot Bingo
Joker Jackpot (WH Bingo »): £54,700.93
Score: 65*
Joker Jackpots: €74,498.29
Score: 123*
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Jackpot Name: Joker Jackpot (Main room)
Software: Ash Gaming
Ticket's Cost: £ 0.10 - 1.00
Max Tickets: 36
Bingo Type: Special
Min Jackpot (seed): £5,000
Largest Wins: £95,679.10 (WH Bingo)
Average Hits: £95,679.10 (WH Bingo) (1 hit)
€50,000.00 (expected)
Avg. Hit Times: 1 year 8 months (WH Bingo)
2 months 14 days
Last Hits: £95,679 on 2015-01-23 (WH Bingo)
€84,262 on 2020-05-13

Joker Jackpot is a fantastic deck-of-cards style bingo game. Play with the 52 cards in a deck, plus 2 Joker cards.

Buy one 'ticket' and you'll receive 9 cards from the deck. As the full deck is then dealt, match the cards appearing with those in your hand. Aim for a 'J' pattern in the cards to win the first prize and then to cover all cards within the hand to win the top prize for the hand.

Hands and Decks
In the Joker Jackpot game a hand is an individual grid of 9 squares made up of 9 rows and 9 columns. Each square contains a card so 9 cards appear on each hand. The price of a hand may vary depending on the game.

In the Joker Jackpot game, a deck is a group of 6 hands. Every possible number from card in a standard deck including 2 joker cards (black and red) will appear on each full deck. In Joker Jackpot, a hand is a ticket and a strip is a deck.

This is an exciting game with some great prizes, and prices from as little as 20p. There are 2 jackpots available in this game: the Joker jackpot that can be won by winning the winning hand in 16 cards or less and the progressive jackpot Super Joker Jackpot that can be won by winning the winning hand in 14 cards or less with the last card as the joker card.

Super Joker Progressive Jackpot
Super Joker Jackpot that can be won by winning the winning hand in 14 cards or less with the last card as the Joker card. If you are lucky enough to win the Progressive Jackpot the Chat Moderator will confirm your win. You are only eligible to win the above jackpots if you have purchased a ticket, starting at 10p.

Joker Jackpot Bingo

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