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Lightning Balls Progressive Jackpot Review

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Lightning Balls: £5,181.31
Score: 14*
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Jackpot Name: Lightning Balls
Software: Ash Gaming
Coins: $/€/£ 0.10 - 100.00
Max Bet: $/€/£ 900.00
Win Combos: 30
Min Jackpot (seed): €/£1,000
Largest Win: £38,424.26
Average Hit: £38,424.26 (1 hit)
Avg. Hit Time: 2 years 5 months
Last Hit: £38,424 on 2012-12-26

Lightning Balls is a new and exciting take on the lotto-style game, where you can place bets on the results of a draw of 6 coloured balls out of 48 balls. The game is played on-demand, so you don't need to wait for a scheduled draw - just press 'Draw' as soon as you've chosen your bets, and you'll get the results lightning fast!

When you first enter the game, you'll see a choice of bet types consisting of Jackpot, Picks, Reverse Picks, Odd/Even, All Odds/Evens, Ranges, Colours, High/Low and Last Ball Roulette. The bet types are described below. You can place a maximum of 100 bets in each draw.

Placing Bets - Jackpot
Press 'Jackpot' to open the Jackpot bet screen and select how many balls you wish to pick by clicking on, for example 'Pick 6'. You may choose between 5 and 10 balls. In total, 6 balls will be drawn, so if you pick 10 balls, you will have a greater chance of picking the 6 correct balls and because of this, the stakes are higher if you pick 7/8/9/10 balls than if you pick 5 or 6. Regardless of how many picks you choose, if you correctly predict either 5 or all 6 of the balls that are drawn, you will win the full progressive jackpot. The fixed-odds payouts for picking 1-4 correct balls are also offered.

Picks / Reverse Picks
On 'Picks' or 'Reverse Picks' bet screens you select how many balls you wish to pick. You may choose between 1 and 4 balls, you think will be drawn. For 'Reverse Picks', you are betting that the selected balls will NOT be drawn. You can place multiple Picks bets, but only one of each kind (e.g. 'Pick 2').

Odd/Even and All Odds/Evens
Press 'Odd/Even' or 'All Odds/Evens'. For an Odd/Even bet, you should select whether you think the total of all the numbers on the balls added together will be an odd or even number. Or you could bet on both options if you wish. For an All Odds/Evens bet, you can bet on whether you think all 6 of the balls drawn will be odd or even numbers.

For a Ranges bet, you should choose which range the total number of all the 6 balls added together will fall into. For example, if you think the total will be 148, then you would select the 101-150 range.

For a High/Low bet, you should choose which of the balls drawn will be the highest/lowest number. For example, if you think the first ball to be drawn will be the highest number, place your chips on the '1st / Highest' bet area.

For a Colours bet, you should choose how many balls of each colour will be drawn. For example, if you think 3 of the balls will be red, you would select 3 next to the red ball on the bet screen. To select the number of balls of each colour, use the Up/Down arrows next to the coloured balls. You can bet on just 1 colour or all 3.

Last Ball Roulette
Last Ball Roulette bets are bets on what the last ball to be drawn will be. You can bet on the colour, odd/even, a specific number, or the range within which the number will fall - or any combination of the above, provided the maximum payout is not exceeded.

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