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Pick 3 Progressive Jackpot Review

Pick 3 Jackpot
Pick 3: €975.00
Score: 98
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Jackpot Name: Pick 3 (Lottery)
Software: Paf, proprietary
Bet levels: €0.50 - €200
Jackpot Bet: €1.00
Win Combos: 3
Min Jackpot (seed): € 700.00
Largest Win: €2,393.15
Average Hit: €979.06 (23 hits)
Avg. Hit Time: 29 days 15 hours
Last Hit: €740 on 2017-12-31
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 128.10%
Jackpot Type: 1 (exponent)

Pick3 is a fast-paced lottery type of game, which is highly popular in the US. By picking the correct numbers you win up to 40,000 euros. For an additional bet of only 1 euro you also have the chance of winning the Jackpot. Base bet levels: €0.50 - €200

How to Play
You play with 3 numbers each round. When entering the game you will be given three randomly picked numbers. You can simply play with these right away, or select your own favourite numbers instead. The numbers can be changed by clicking either one of the current choices or one of the other numbers displayed below it. To select all the numbers randomly at the same time click on the RANDOM button.

To start the game click the PLAY button and three numbers are drawn. For each matching number you have, the amount won will increase. Pick Numbers: 0 - 9.

One matching number pays 2x your bet, two matching numbers pay 8x your base bet. Three matching numbers with a base bet of €200 pay €40,000 (+ Jackpot, if you had placed a bet on it)!

Progressive Jackpot
In addition to the basic game you can place a side bet of 1 euro for the chance to win the Jackpot. The Jackpot is won when all 3 drawn numbers match your numbers, in the correct order from left to right. When someone wins the Jackpot, a new progressive Jackpot will start at 700 euros.

Pick 3
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