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Progressive Poker Dice

Poker Dice
Poker Dice: €4,058.74
Score: 13
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Jackpot Name: Poker Dice
Software: Relax Gaming
Min/Max Bets: $1 - $5
Paylines: 20
Winning Combos: 10
Min Jackpot (seed): $2,000
Largest Win: €30,656.86
Average Hit: €17,769.07 (9 hits)
Avg. Hit Time: 4 months 15 days
Last Hit: €13,726 on 2020-06-23

Poker Dice is an entertaining spicialty game in which players need to collect a combination from 3 identical faces of dice on 4 screens. Each screen has 9 cells, arranged 3x3. Your goal is to roll dice making horizontal, vertical or diagonal line from 3 elements of the same type. These elements include colored faces (from 1 to 6 pips), 3 symbols borrowed from playing cards and ace of spades. Each combination has its own value - from 20 to 120 points.

The higher is your score, the bigger is the total payout. The minimum number of points to qualify for a payout is 100. For them, you can get double odds. If you collect 1,000 points, the payout will be equal to 100 bets/coins.

How to Play
You start from selection of bets (place 1 to 5 coins). Then you get 3 dice, arranged in a column. Put it to the sector on one of the 4 screens. Then, these columns will appear 11 times and you will put them to any sectors of screens. As soon as you succeed in forming a combination, it is lighted up and you will know how many points you received. If you manage to get a combination in all windows, the payout will be doubled. Combinations in 3 of the 4 windows provide an additional multiplier of 1.5x. If all images on one screen are identical, you will get a payout of 200 coins.

In Poker Dice the result of each roll depends mainly on your decisions, so you have to count not only on luck. With perfect strategy you can reach the theoretical payout percentage of 98.874%.

Bonus Game and Progressive Jackpot
The combination of the 3 bonus symbols triggers the bonus round. You will roll 5 classic dice in the bonus game. You'll be provided with 3 attempts. You need to collect the poker hand of the highest rank (two pairs, three of a kind, etc.). If you succeed in collecting five of a kind, you will get a chance to compete for the progressive jackpot.

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