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Spirit Twister Bingo Progressive Jackpot Review

Spirit Twister jackpot
Spirit Twister: £26,191.59
Score: 92*
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Jackpot Name: Spirit Twister Bingo
Software: Virtue Fusion
Tickets: £ 0.02 - 0.10 * up to 10 cards
Max Win: 5x (blue bear) + Jackpot
Min Jackpot (seed): £ 1,000
Largest Win: £40,886.19
Average Hit: £30,000.00 (expected)
Avg. Hit Time: 3 months 1 day
Last Hit: £40,886 on 2022-04-11

Spirit Twister Bingo – a brand new variant featuring a multiplier bonus, progressive jackpot and higher chances of winning. Based around the theme of “spirit animals” and gems, Playtech's Spirit Twister Bingo is a visually striking 75-ball variant, offering players a compelling combination of prizes and a greater chance of winning in an individual game, due to player numbers being capped. Each game has 5 prizes and is limited to 25 players.

At the start of a new game, an animation sequence reveals an animal and gem, plus a randomly selected multiplier. The multiplier is applied to the House prize, potentially significantly boosting the winnings on offer – plus, if a player calls House within a specified number of balls, they win the progressive Spirit Twister Jackpot.

Instead of players having to wait for new scheduled games, games are auto-generated on demand, meaning that even with capped numbers, players will not have to wait for long. Spirit Twister Bingo is going to be a long-term favourite with Bingo players.

Progressive Jackpot
If a Full House win is achieved within 40 or fewer calls, the progressive jackpot is paid. 50% of the jackpot amount goes to the winner, while the rest is shared between other players in the lobby. The jackpot is seeded at £1,000 and 2% of ticket sales go to making it grow. As there’s a maximum of only 250 cards in play in each game, and the chance each card has of winning a game that quickly is around 1 in 400 million, it could be a very long time indeed before it drops. The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 95.39%??, including the progressive jackpot.

Spirit Twister Slot
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