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75-Ball Super SNAP! £1 Review

Super SNAP - 75 Ball Bingo Progressive
Super SNAP 1: £2,256.58
Score: 20
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Jackpot Name: Super SNAP! £1
Software: GameSys (JackpotJoy)
Min Bet: £1 per hand
Max Bet: £5
Top Payout: Progressive Jackpot
Min Jackpot (seed) £40
Largest Win: £44,842.16
Average Hit: £10,701.73 (39 hits)
Avg. Hit Time: 21 days 7 hours
Last Hit: £2,126 on 2017-08-19
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 108.01%
Jackpot Type: 1 (exponent)

Snap up this new Bingo game that offers 5 fantastic ways to win. Super Snap is the brand new version of JackpotJoy's exciting SNAP! Bingo card game, that offers you 5 different ways of winning. Be the first to call SNAP! and win the game Jackpot. You can buy up to 5 hands of five cards per game - each hand costs £1.
  • Reveal a poker hand to receive an instant cash prize. Get paid for hands from Two pair (2x) up to Straight Royal Flush (250x)
  • Win SNAP! in seven calls or less and open the Community Progressive Jackpot.
  • Share the Community Chest pt1 & pt2.
  • Win a Lucky Charm bonus by 'Buying Max' tickets.
So start flipping over the cards and join in the fun with Super SNAP bingo!

Lucky Charm Bonus
If you buy all five hands - 'BUY MAX' - you'll qualify for a Lucky Charm. At the end of the game the winning Lucky Charm will be called, and all players with that one will win a share of the Lucky Charm Jackpot

Calling SNAP!
Once the game has started the dealer will turn over the cards one at a time and the letters S,N,A,P or !will be revealed. If you can match a full hand the word SNAP! will be revealed and you'll win the game jackpot. This varies depending on the number of players at the time. Prizes are shared if there is more than one winner at the same time, and will appear in your account automatically.

Community Chest Jackpot (pt 1)
If you match all five cards in the minimum of seven calls or less you'll win 40% of the Community Chest Jackpot.

Community Chest Jackpot (pt 2)
If you're playing while anyone wins the Community Chest Jackpot you'll share of 60% with everyone playing.
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