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All Cryptologic Progressive Jackpot Reviews

CryptoLogic Progressive Jackpots

These online slot machines, video pokers, blackjack and progressive keno from one of the leading casino software providers - CryptoLogic (WagerLogic). You'll find over 150 online slots games at any of the Cryptologic casinos.

Top Cryptologic Jackpots Score Value Type   Play
Sushi Express 134 $2,409.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Crazy Jackpots Cleo (Betsafe) 103* £78,872.20 VS Visit InterCasino
Super Jackpot 25c 76 $1,750.00 VP Visit InterCasino
Rags to Riches 63 $183,885.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Movie Mayhem 3 59 $7,308.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Marvel Hero Slots 47 $6,880.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Super Hero 41 $714.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Movie Mayhem 4 40 $12,611.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Millionaires Club 33 $636,789.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Rapid Fire Slots 30 $568.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Movie Mayhem 2 3 $516.00 VS Visit InterCasino
Super Jackpot $1 0 $4,021.00 VP Visit InterCasino

Game Types: S - Classic Slots, VS - Video Slots, VP - Video Poker, CP - Casino Poker, R - Roulette, BJ - Blackjack, B - Bingo & Lottery, O - Other Games.

Millionaires Club: $636,789.00
Score: 33
Millionaires Club Review
It's a popular 3 reel, 3 coin, single payline progressive slot machine from CryptoLogic with progressive jackpot starting at //$175,000 that is now available in 5 reel, 20 line version.

Millionaires Club is a great looking online slot machine with Sound, Voice and Animation feature and is just as entertaining to play. 9 winning combinations and bonus spin round allow players win really big million dollar jackpots.
Marvel Hero: $6,880.00
Score: 47
Super Hero: $714.00
Score: 41
Marvel Hero Slots
InterCasino offers a group of slot machine games that are united by the same theme (Marvel Hero) and progressive jackpots that can be won on every spin at random. The games include 17 slots: the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Daredevil, The Punisher (9 Line Slots), The Blade, Captain America, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner, Thor, Wolverine, X-Men and more.

In fact there are 3 different Progressive Jackpots - Hero, Super Hero & Marvel Hero with minimum values from $50 up to $5,000.

Cleo (Betsafe »): £78,872.20
Score: 103*
Crazy Jackpots Review
Crazy Jackpots are 9 jackpots that available on the two video slots at Cryptologic casinos: Conan the Barbarian and Cleo Queen of Egypt. There are 9 Jackpots, one for each pay line, which means that each selected pay line may win its corresponding Crazy Jackpot.

You can win one of the 9 jackpots by spinning 5 wilds (Conan/Cleo) on any activated payline. Here we show 2 jackpots for the first two lines. Visit review page to see all of them (9).

Outta Space Adventure
Movie Mayhem 4: $12,611.00
Score: 40
Movie Mayhem 3: $7,308.00
Score: 59
Movie Mayhem Slots
Movie Mayhem is a group of 4 jackpots that are available on the four 25 line video slots at Cryptologic casinos: Fantasy Realm, Outta Space Adventure, Silent Screen, and Sunday Afternoon Classics.

The jackpot round consists of a 'pick-a-prize' bonus game where you pick items to reveal movie tickets. The more movie tickets you find, the higher the level Movie Mayhem jackpot you win.

Hollywood Jackpots
Hollywood Jackpots
Hollywood is a group of 5 jackpots that available on the three 25 line video slots at Cryptologic casinos: Braveheart, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Forrest Gump. Any of the Hollywood Jackpots may be won while playing one of the licensed Paramount slot games.

In the bonus round you play a 'pick-a-prize' game where you choose 3 movie reels out of 9. Each pick reveals points which are tallied to determine which Hollywood Jackpot you win. Get 100 points to win the biggest jackpot - Blockbuster.

Rapid Fire Slots: $568.00
Score: 30
Rapid Fire Slots
Rapid Fire Slots is a group of 5 reel, 9 pay-line video slots games with a shared progressive jackpot (min. value $500) that can be won on each spin at random. Every game has unique bonus feature to add the excitement and provide you with extra prizes and free spins. Play these 7 slot machines: Coral Cash, Doctor Love, Dolphin King, Northern Lights, Salsa, Sirens and Mr Rich.

Frightmare Jackpot Slots
Frightmare Jackpot Slots is a group of 25 payline video slot games with a shared progressive jackpot that can be won on each spin at random. Play any of 3 slots in the Frightmare series: Vampire Bats, Witches and Warlocks, or Zone of The Zombies.

There are 2 Frightmare progressive jackpots that are randomly awarded on any paid game.
Rags to Riches: $183,885.00
Score: 63
Rags To Riches Review
Rags to Riches is a very popular three-reel, three-coin, single line progressive slot machine that is connected to several online casinos that contribute to the jackpot.

Powered by Cryptologic (Wagerlogic) software, Rags to Riches has 3 animated theme screens and realistic sound. You must play the maximum bet per spin to have the chance of winning 6 digit progressive jackpot.

Super Jackpot $1: $4,021.00
Score: 0
Super Jackpot 25c: $1,750.00
Score: 76
$1 & 25c Super Jackpots Review
The Super Jackpot is a progressive Video Poker game that is connected to several Cryptologic online casinos. Super Jackpot is played and programmed according to Atlantic City Poker rules. Player must bet 5 coins to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot. There are two versions of this game - 25 and $1 coins to satisfy every gambler. For a small max bet of $1,25 you can win big.
Spice Island Poker Review
The Spice Island Poker is a progressive Stud Poker game that is connected to several online casinos. To qualify for the Bonus Jackpot you need to place a $1 bonus bet. Spice Island Poker is played and programmed according to Atlantic City Poker rules with one exception: the payoff for a Royal Flush is 200:1 instead of 100:1. Straight Flush rewards you with 10% of the over $100,000 bonus jackpot.
Shoot-O-Rama Jackpot Review
The Shoot-o-Rama is a 5 reel, 5 payline progressive slot machine that is connected to several online casinos. The slot has a large number of winning combinations (a total of 18) that results in frequent wins. If you bet max coins you will win on almost every spin. With this slot you can bet up to 5 coins on each pay line, so as a total you can bet up to $6.25 per spin.
Triple Olives $.25 & $1 Review
The Triple Olives is a three reel, three payline progressive slot machine. Triple Olives comes in two versions, a quarter machine and a dollar machine. The dollar version usually has bigger jackpots available but the quarter machine can also have some quite healthy jackpots. The slot has 10 winning combinations and no wild symbols.
Progressive Blackjack
Progressive Blackjack from CryptoLogic is a standard blackjack game where for a $1 side (bonus) bet you have a chance to win growing progressive jackpot starting at $50,000. Progressive Blackjack is played according to Atlantic City Blackjack rules with several exceptions (see complete review). Natural Blackjack pays off at three-to-two odds, which means you get your original bet back plus 150% profit.
Video Keno Full Review
Video Keno is played as a regular keno machine but has a progressive jackpot that is not fixed as in the regular keno machine. The Jackpot value starts at $50,000 and grows each time somebody makes a bet. In order to win the Progressive Jackpot you must select ten numbers and match all ten numbers. You may win a share of the Progressive Jackpot for successfully matching a smaller set of numbers. For example, if you select nine numbers and successfully match all nine numbers you will win 25% of the Progressive Jackpot.

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