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Wild Heart Progressive Video Poker

Wild Heart
Slotland Jackpots: $113,449.42
Score: 60
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Jackpot Name: Wild Heart Video Poker
Software: Slotland
Min Bet: $0.25
Max Bet: $15
Winning Combos: 9
Min Jackpot (seed): $50,000
Largest Win: $339,397.50
Average Hit: $155,358.36 (52 hits)
Avg. Hit Time: 2 months 12 days
Last Hit: $125,890 on 2022-11-04
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 59.72%
Jackpot Type: 2 (sum of 2 exponents)

The Wild Heart is a variation of the popular Double Joker video poker with a progressive jackpot. The game offers triple play giving you a chance of winning on several lines at a time. The payouts and odds are comparable to the top slot machines found in Las Vegas and conform to the Nevada Gaming Rules.

You have to bet from $0.25 up to $5.00 on each of three paylines. If you have a Royal Flash on the payline you placed a bet, you win up to $4,000 (x500), but if you bet max on ALL lines ($15) you win a progressive jackpot!

In this video poker game there are 3, 54-card decks used, with the 53rd and 54th cards being the jokers or wild cards. The wild card can be used as any card, for example as the missing card to complete a straight or the fifth heart in a heart flush. The object of the Wild Heart is to obtain the best possible poker hands. Because of the wild cards, the minimum rank for a winning hand is 2 pairs. On the initial deal, you will be dealt the same five cards face up on all three lines. Then you may hold all cards dealt or, if desired, can receive up to 5 new cards per each line. It will automatically hold or replace cards on the same positions on all lines.

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Wild Heart payout table

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