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Wild Viking Progressive Game Review

Wild Viking
Wild Viking: $28,741.69
Score: 108*
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Jackpot Name: Wild Viking
Software: Playtech
Coins: $/£1 + $/£1 side bet
Max Bet: $/£1,250
Winning Combos: 17 + roulette bets
Min Jackpot (seed): $10,000
Largest Win: $42,506.59
Average Hit: $26,586.50 (2 hits)
Avg. Hit Time: 1 year 6 months
Last Hit: $23,581 on 2014-12-15

Wild Viking is a very exciting and unique game, that is a hybrid of roulette and poker. The game is played with a 52-card deck plus 2 Jokers. The Dealer deals 5 cards on the table and, depending on which of the 4 different kinds of bets you placed, your winnings are determined by the various winning hand combinations. These 4 different bets include roulette-type bets, poker bets, progressive jackpot bets, and the special Wild Viking bet. Place multiple bets and you can boost your chances of winnings significantly.

The Wild Viking game table is divided into 3 different betting areas: the Center Betting Area, Top Betting Area and the Bottom Betting Area.

The Center Betting Area features all 52 cards laid out and offers different roulette-type bets. The value and suit of the 5th card dealt is the same as the winning number in roulette. Right under the last row of cards is a row of non-suit specific card ranks. When betting here you are betting that the 5-card draw will comprise 4 cards of the same rank and different suits. You can also use the Center Betting Area to place split bets and other types of wagers.

The Bottom Betting Area accommodates roulette-type bets plus the special Wild Viking bet. The roulette-type bets include odd/even and black/red bets. Additionally, two single-card red and/or green Joker bets can also be made. Roulette-type bet outcomes are always determined by the 5th card drawn. In the special Wild Viking bet, you're betting that either the 1st or 5th cards dealt - or both - are Jokers. The Wild Viking payout is a gigantic 1250 to 1.

The Top Betting Area is where you place your poker hand, as well as your progressive jackpot bets. Unlike the roulette-like bets, where the 5th card determines your win, all 5 cards are required in order to determine the results for poker and progressive jackpot bets.

Wild Viking Poker-Hand Bets
The different Poker hands you can bet on include: Four of a Kind, Full House or better, Straight or better, Three of a Kind or better, Two Pairs or better, and a Pair of Sixes or better. Your win is determined by drawing the 5-card poker hand you had bet on, or better.

Poker Bet Payouts
Four of a Kind 200 to 1
Full House 150 to 1
Flush 90 to 1
Straight 45 to 1
Three of a Kind 9 to 1
Two Pair 6 to 1
Pair 6s 1 to 1

Wild Viking Progressive Jackpot
The Wild Viking progressive jackpot is a fixed $1 wager and a preset percentage of each dollar bet goes to the progressive jackpot pool prize, thus continually increasing the size of the pot. In order to win part of the progressive jackpot, your 5-card poker hand must be a Three of a Kind, or better.

When your 5-card poker hand is a Wild Viking Royal Flush, that is, the 1st and 5th cards are Jokers and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are a sequential group of either 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces all of the same suit, you win the progressive jackpot.

Wild Viking Progressive Jackpot Payouts
Hand Pays
Wild Viking Royal Flush Jackpot
5 of a Kind 1000x
Royal Flush 250x
Straight Flush 50x
4 of a Kind 20x
Full House 10x
Flush 8x
Straight 5x
3 of a Kind 3x

Wild Viking Screenshot: Wild Viking
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