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Safe Cracker Progressive Slot Review

Safe Cracker
Safe Cracker $5: $73,367.74
Score: 142
Safe Cracker $1: $14,673.54
Score: 142
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Jackpot Name: Safe Cracker
Software: PlayTech
Min Bet: $0.25
Max Bet: $15
Number of Reels: 3
Paylines: 1
Winning Combos: 8 + feature
Min Jackpot (seeds): $30,000 ($5)
$6,000 ($1)
$3,000 (50c)
$1,500 (25c)
Largest Wins: $135,904.60 ($5)
$17,636.00 ($1)
Average Hits: $60,455.57 ($5) (311 hits)
$12,073.11 ($1) (311 hits)
Avg. Hit Times: 25 days 0 hours ($5)
1 month 9 days ($1)
Last Hits: $64,753 on 2020-05-02 ($5)
$12,950 on 2020-05-02 ($1)
Sigma to Avg. Growth: 36.21% ($5)
36.37% ($1)
Jackpot Types: 3 (Gaussian bell) ($5)
3 (Gaussian bell) ($1)

Safe Cracker is a 3 Reel slot with one payline. It has very attractive top jackpot of 20000 coins. There are three versions of SafeCracker with coin sizes of $.25, $1 and $5. You can bet up to 3 coins max of $.25 to $5 each. So, even when playing one coin per spin you can win an amazing 5000 coins and it gets even better when you play three coins giving you the chance to win a very healthy jackpot of 20,000 coins.

This top jackpot is among the highest available on any non progressive slot machine online today. Apart from the top prize this slots game also has some very good mid range payouts and with some luck you can hit a few of the big jackpot combinations. Safe Cracker has very good for slots average payout of over 97%.

With all of the sights and sounds of real slot machine gaming Safe Cracker is one online slot machine that is a great slot machine and definitely worth having a few spins on.

Allen T. won one of the largest Safe Cracker jackpots - $53,077 on 06 July 2003 in Carnival Casino. See also other Safe Cracker jackpot winners and their stories and interviews. Learn how they won these large pots.

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