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May 25, 2005.

Player Hans H. Hits $9,213.29 On SupaJax At First Web Casino In May.

supajaxLucky player Hans H. won $9,213.29 on SupaJax progressive video poker at First Web online casino on May 25th. SupaJax is a Jacks Or Better video poker game with progressive jackpot. Players should bet max $5 and hit Supajax symbol and 4 Jacks to win the progressive. If you keep the optimal strategy your average payout can reach 99.54%.

Recent SupaJax winner Hans answers the following questions:

Did anything unusual happen the day that you hit the jackpot?
A funny thing happened that day. See, I was at work and was supposed to make an important call, but I forgot the phone number at home. When I got home, I got sidetracked and started playing at First Web.

What was your initial reaction when you won?
I really could not believe it! But when I drove back to work, I was very happy.

How will you spend your winnings?
I'll take some of the money and play more, and maybe I'll take a vacation, too.

How long were you playing before you hit the jackpot?
Well like I said, I went home during work so I didn't have much time.

What piece of advice has most helped you through life?
Always tell the truth.

If you were stranded on a deserted island what 3 things would you take with you and why?
Just give me a computer with Internet access, so I can play at First Web 24/7.

What is your ultimate goal in life?
My goal is to go cross country in the US.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
I have two children and three grandchildren. I'm 49 years old and live in a small town in Norway.

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