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Caribbean Stud Poker (Spice Island) Jackpot Winners Stories.

April 2, 2001.
$235,661.81 Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot hit by creed at The Sands. The Sands of the Caribbean casino player creed won $235,661 hitting Royal Flush on Spice Island Poker. "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Royal Flush. I said to 'myself make sure you hit the bet button not the surrender button'. Then I called my good friend to ask him if my cards were a Royal Flush. He said yes, and I jumped up and I told him I just won the BIG...

January 29, 2002.
$227,653.20 Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot won at Inter Casino by player jwhite8. news/img_jwhite8He was playing Caribbean Stud Poker at InterCasino when he'd hit this massive progressive jackpot of $227,653. "I was totally surprised when I saw the royal flush. I had been playing a good bit lately as I felt some flushes were due as indicated by the size of the jackpot. I was hoping to get one, but it was real shocker to win US$227,653.20! I have played stud poker quite a bit in casinos and cruise ships since the mid-eighties, but this is very first royal flush I have ever had! About time!"

January 12, 2003.
Player Gsoto wins $227K Caribbean (Spice Island) Poker jackpot at InterCasino. InterCasino's player Gsoto was playing Caribbean Stud Progressive Poker (or Spice Island Poker as it called in all CryptoLogic casinos) at InterCasino and hit a huge $227,307.64 jackpot on January 12. He said to the casino managers: "When I first saw the cards I was thinking it was just a regular flush then I paid more attention and could not believe my eyes. I called my wife...

November 9, 2001.
Omni's online casino player ActionS won $215,544.38 Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot. Player named "ActionS" hits Royal Flash playing progressive Caribbean Stud (Spice Island) Poker at Omni casino and wins $215K jackpot! He said: "I am still in shock over that very large ($215,544.38) jackpot I won on the multi-player Spice Island Poker tables. I had been playing some Blackjack and some craps earlier and it was getting late so I decided to play a little Spice...

September 18, 2001.
$208,059.25 Spice Island progressive jackpot won at The Sands of the Caribbean. The Sands of the Caribbean online casino player WEEYUM won this massive jackpot playing Caribbean Stud Poker. "OH MY GOD was all I could think. I must have stared at the screen for 10 minutes before I moved another muscle. My finger was stuck on the mouse button and my mouth was gaping wide open. I have been to many land and sea-based casinos but this is the first Royal Flush...

July 16, 2003.
InterCasino's player Muttong won $183,667.24 Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot. Muttong was playing Caribbean Stud Poker at InterCasino when he has hit $183k jackpot. He wrote: "I was so unbelievably ecstatic when I won the jackpot in June. I never thought it was even possible that I could win the jackpot AGAIN! I was just playing to pass some time. And when I saw the cards, I was so stunned! A Royal Flush of Hearts! They were the same cards that I won with in June! I just started screaming and my fiance ran in- not knowing what to think of the commotion. He just could not believe it when I told him. This really is the best online casino! Thanks InterCasino!"

April 28, 2004.
InterCasino's player RedBird won Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot. $168,925.75 Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot won by InterCasino's player RedBird. He noticed: "I was only playing for about fifteen minutes off a new $150 deposit when I won. I was playing from home and I was stunned when I got dealt a royal flush. I had to have a double-take to make sure that I remembered to bet the extra coin to qualify for the progressive jackpot. When I saw that I had played for the progressive I felt really good. Then I pushed the button and kept playing for a while."

June 5, 2004.
166,087.93 Euros Record Win On German Inter Casino Site. The largest online casino win by a German at a German Internet casino site, was captured by a player known by screen name 'Kurt'. He won a MEGA Progressive Jackpot of €158,067.93 and an additional €8,020 in ordinary winnings playing Caribbean Stud Poker at InterCasino Deutschland, one of InterCasino's localized European sites. "InterCasino Deutschland is one of the...

August 21, 2006.
Ryan P. Wins $148,594.39 Jackpot On Caribbean Stud Poker At InterCasino. A first time online player found himself considerably richer within minutes of signing up, according to reports of InterCasino. Today largest online casino has a new big winner in August. Ryan P. won $148,594.39 on InterCasino's Caribbean Stud Poker after playing just a few hands. His first round of play saw Ryan bag a spectacular jackpot that left him wondering why he hadn't...

February 14, 2002.
Omni Casino's player Mark won $137,435.93 jackpot playing Caribbean Stud Poker. Mark won this great Caribbean Stud Poker progressive at Omni online casino. He said: "After my first stroke of luck I called a friend to share the exciting news; then made dinner reservations for that night. Two hours later, I poured myself a drink and sat at the multi-player Spice Island Poker table. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the Royal Flush and my account balance. This was truly a Valentine's Day I'll never forget."

February 4, 2003.
Skerr02 wins $128,237 Spice Island (Caribbean) Poker jackpot at Inter Casino. Casino player with the name Skerr02 was playing Caribbean Stud Poker at InterCasino when he has hit a massive $188,237 progressive jackpot. In his interview he said: "I am still in what must be Jackpot Shock! I was looking for a new game at InterCasino and had decided to try Spice Island Poker. A few weeks into playing the game I knew I loved it, having enjoyed a few full...

April 6, 2001.
The Sands of the Caribbean casino player ohfour won $86,944 Stud poker jackpot. $86,944.60 Caribbean Stud Poker progressive jackpot won by player ohfour at The Sands of the Caribbean online casino in April. "It was quite a feeling to see the Royal Flush and then watching all those chips sliding towards me. The sight of my account balance after the win was astounding. Ironically, I had searched the Web for another casino I had recently heard about, and...

January 7, 2002.
'JhnyMac' Hit Caribbean Stud Poker And Won Over $26,000 At Omni Casino. Omni online casino player 'JhnyMac' hit Caribbean Stud Poker (Spice Island) jackpot and won a total of $26,219.87 in just one hand. Happy winner told his story and comments concerning his win: ""... I started yelling and cheering because I knew then I won 10% of the jackpot that was up to around 142,000.00 at that time. I was so excited that I didnt even click the "bet" button...

May 21, 2001.
$20k Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot hit by Omni's casino player bingo. news/img_bingoPlayer bingo won this $20,323.36 progressive Spice Island poker jackpot at Omni online casino. She wrote: "Omni Casino(R) is as real as it gets...not only are the games VERY realistic, but the money is real too. You guys are truly the best casino on or off the Internet. Thanks for pointing out the article on my big win and for helping me out with the travel voucher."

May 23, 2001.
$18,523.12 won by player noelleq at The Sands of the Caribbean online casino. Noelleq won this jackpot playing Spice Island (Caribbean Stud) Poker at The Sands of the Caribbean online casino. She wrote: "Hi my name at the Sands of the Caribbean(R) Online Casino is 'noelleq' and yes I won. I have played at many casinos in the past two years ... this casino means jackpots! They are not rigged and people do win. I hit the jackpot on Spice Island Poker. I...

November 24, 2005.
Club Dice Casino Player Annegret S. Wins $17K Caribbean Poker Jackpot On The First Day. Annegret SCongratulations to lucky online gambler Annegret S. (account CDR24605422)! Received her first deposit bonus (100%) at Club Dice online casino, she won on her first day an amazing $16,983.24 playing Carribean Poker. "Thank you very much for the congratulatens - and for the winning :) .... I'm very proud to be a member of such a great casino :)" said the winner. Annegret is a new Club Dice player from Germany, so: Glückwünsche!

August 11, 2002.
$14,725.05 Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot won by player shell at Inter Casino. InterCasino's player shell won this $14,725.05 progressive Caribbean Stud poker jackpot in August. He said to the casino managers about this win: "It was absolutely incredible! I was playing Spice Island Poker and was dealt what I first thought was a flush - all clubs. I quickly hit "Bet". I was so excited! Even if the dealer didn't qualify, I was going to get $50. As the...

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