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Let It Ride Jackpot Winners Stories.

December 10, 2004.
Player 'Sweepea' won the largest $50,658 Let It Ride Jackpot At InterCasino. let it ride_smPlayers ‘Klazzus' and ‘Sweepea' won $14,869 and $50,658 respectively playing Let it Ride Poker at InterCasino in December. Placing the additional $1 bonus bet gives Let it Ride players a chance to scoop an extra $30,000 bonus when they hit a Royal Flush; although even without playing the bonus bet, the Royal Flush pays a princely 1000 to 1! "We always expect more winners at this time of year, as it's a busy time, but 5 major progressive winners in a week is something special - I guess the spirit of the holidays has gotten into our machines!" said a festive Ryan Hartley.

April 23, 2002.
Previous Jackpot Winner Wins Another Poker Jackpot At Omni Online Casino. Who ever said 'lightning doesn't strike twice' never played at Omni Casino™. Just ask player 'PLUMB' who is the latest in a string of $100,000.00+ jackpot winners. After winning over $7,948 at Let-It Ride yesterday afternoon, he made his way over to the Spice-Island Poker table. He was on the verge of calling it quits for the day when lady luck decided to shine on him for a...

May 4, 2002.
InterCasino Player 'Billie' Wins Two Poker Jackpots For A Total Of US$192,000 A Day. Late April big winners set aggressive Internet progressive jackpot pace at InterCasino in the first quarter of 2002. InterCasino awarded an unprecedented US$1,086,813.20 to seven winners in less than four months. The seven big jackpot winners to-date in 2002 have already more than doubled the mark of three US$100,000 winners at InterCasino throughout all of 2001. Within hours...

May 25, 2005.
Omni Casino Player 'Julies' Wins $10,859 Playing Let It Ride Poker. Casino player 'Julies' hit $10,859.00 jackpot playing Let It Ride poker at Omni online casino in May. The lucky winner said: "It is a funny story. I had the stomach flu the day before and I put some money in my account and called my friend in Chicago to chat. I was not really paying attention when the game booted me out with an error. I went back in and saw the balance and...

April 14, 2005.
Player With Name 'Healer' Won $3,900.00 Playing Let It Ride Poker At Omni Online Casino. Omni casino player 'Healer' won bonus jackpot for having Straight Flush while playing Let It Ride poker. Players can win a bonus on top of their payouts if they place the additional $1 bet by drawing one of the following hands: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, or Three of a Kind. The payoff is determined by the quality of the hand with...

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