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June 16, 2001.

She Hit it Once and is Going Back For More. Christine K. Wins $20,628.45 On SupaJax At King Solomons Casino.

Christine KChristine K., Stay-home Mom, won $20,628.45 progressive jackpot playing SupaJax Video Poker at King Solomons Online online casino on June 16th. SupaJax is a Microgaming Video Poker game based on Jacks Or Better and offers you a chance to win a progressive jackpot starting at $5,000. The winner Christine K told us the story about recent big online jackpot win. Here're the testimonials:

Please share with us your story: how did you react to the win?
I sat down to play, and decided to try out Supajax. I think it was maybe the 5th or 6th bet and I clicked on the Supajax card and on one of the jacks and the cards turned over and didn't turn back! I thought that the screen froze, so I exited the game and went back into the game and all the winning information was showing.

I couldn't breath, or cry or scream... I was just stunned! I called my husband into the room and I said: 'look at what that says' and he said: 'yeah right, this is just points not money'! I called my sister and she said that it is a scam. So when I got the money in the bank I said: 'here is the scam!' Now that I know that you can win. I am going to keep on trying, since now I know that it could happen.

I am really grateful for the CARE package that I got from Jackpot Madness. It was great since it introduced me to the site. Now I check the site every day and see which jackpot is the highest and play there. I get the e-mails you send, notifying me when the jackpot is over $20,000. I don't have to go into any specific casino, I just check the jackpots on your site, and then decide which casino I would like to play.

I told everybody that would listen about my win. People were totally surprised and couldn't believe it. I told everyone that they could start with free games, and see if they like it and then if they do they can sign on. I am proof that you really can win! Now that I won, I am going to try again. I am motivated. I have been playing the lottery for 15 years and haven't won like this ever before! And online I have been playing for only 4 months and I won this much! So I have faith! I read the interviews that you have on the site, and I see that people win more than once! So I can too!

What do you like about the progressives?
I play the progressives when they reach $20,000 or more. I get the emails from you and that is really helpful. . I love the new game, Treasure Nile. I won $550 bucks on it, and then played some more with that money. The progressives pay well when you hit, not necessarily the jackpots, and you can maintain the money for a while. There is also the excitement for going to the big win.

What are your plans for the money?
I paid off a very big loan and then some spending and continue to play online. With this money we were able to fix up some stuff around the house. We got a new carpet and painted the house.

If you could pick anywhere in the world to go on vacation, where would it be?
Italy. I lived there when I was younger, so it would be nice to visit again. Maybe with the next win we could go, since the debt is now paid off!

What do you like about online gaming?
One of the reasons that it is fun to gamble online, is because it is not necessarily always convenient to go to a casino. You feel safer being in your own home and you can play all night long. I live very close to live casinos, and now that I found Jackpot Madness, I can really appreciate the convenience of it all. It is especially nice since I now know that I can win!

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