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October 2, 2005.

$19,503.81 Jackpot Deuces Progressive Jackpot Has Been Won By Linda A. At Wild Jack Casino.

jackpotdeuces_bLucky online player Linda A. won $19,503.81 jackpot on Jackpot Deuces progressive video poker in August at Wild Jack online casino. Jackpot Deuces is a progressive game based on Wild Deuces video poker. Jackpot Deuces progressive video poker has paid out $191,990.88 to a total of 7 online jackpot winners in September 2005 alone as reported by Jackpot Madness.

The recent Jackpot Deuces winner Linda A has already won a progressive jackpot about a year ago and now she wins once more! She told in her interview to the Jackpot Madness manager:

Did anything unusual happen the day that you hit the jackpot?
I started to play at Wild Jack's and I do not usually play progressive slots. However, I just had a feeling to try Jackpot Deuces since the jackpot was $19,000 and change and 19 is my favorite number.

What was your initial reaction when you won?
I did not realize I won the jackpot until the sign came down saying ‘Congratulations you have won the Jackpot!' I just sat and stared for a few minutes, then I screamed for my husband to come and look at the screen. It was so exciting!

How will you spend your winnings?
I will keep some to use for more playing and the rest will be spent on a vacation with my husband and two children.

How long were you playing before you hit the jackpot?
I was not playing long at all. I was still on my first $100 deposit when the jackpot hit.

What do you do for good luck?
Nothing. I just scroll through the games and whatever catches my eye is what I play. Like I said, the only reason I played this progressive was because the jackpot was a little over $19,000 and 19 is my lucky number.

What is your dream holiday destination?
My detail dream holiday is to take a cruise with my family and my jackpot winnings will be used for this dream.

What piece of advice has most helped you through life? br>There are two principles that I firmly believe in: (1) Love conquers all, and (2) always treat others as you would like to be treated. I firmly believe that these two convictions help to keep you surrounded with love and peace in your heart.

Tell us something you have always wanted to do and regret not doing. Will this win help you accomplish this?
I always wanted to have a personal trainer. Years ago I had a major accident and a gym is not a possibility. So, I will hire my own personal trainer to get my body in stronger shape. Yes, the jackpot win will help me accomplish this. This win has shown me that anything is possible in life.

What is your ultimate goal in life?
My goal is to put an end to child abuse. Nothing upsets me more than hearing of a child being hurt.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
I have been married 20 years and have two children. I am 46 years old and despite my handicaps from my accident of six years ago, I would not change one thing in my life. My greatest accomplishments are my children. They are loving, sensitive, and fun. I consider myself so blessed and am so thankful to God for all I have in life.

Source: Jackpot Madness (JM) - the largest online jackpot network that unites dozens of online casinos featuring Microgaming Viper software. Find JM's progressive jackpots at all Microgaming-powered Internet casinos.

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