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August 30, 2005.

Tracie K Wins $8,618.37 Supajax Progressive Jackpot At Colosseum Casino.

supajaxPlayer Tracie K. won $8,618.37 on SupaJax on August 30, 2005 at Colosseum online casino. SupaJax is based on Jacks Or Better video poker game and offers progressive jackpot if you hit hit Supajax and 4 Jacks symbols. You can find the game at any of the Microgaming online casinos. Tracie K. answered the following questions:

What was your initial reaction to your big win?
When I was dealt three Jacks, I couldn't look at the screen when I hit draw. I heard the music that meant I had won and only then could I peek at the screen!

How do you plan on spending your winnings?
The family went on vacation and I will pay off some bills.

How long had you been playing on the day of your win?
I was playing for about an hour before I hit the jackpot.

How long has it been since your last win?
It has been over a year since my last jackpot win.

What keeps you coming back?
The progressive jackpots keep me coming back!

Tell us how your first win has influenced your life. Will this win be any different?
My first win got me hooked; this win only strengthened that view.

Will you spend your winnings differently this time?
I will spend my winnings mostly on bills and taking a little time off of work.

What was different or the same about your wins?
I used the same strategy when I play, usually playing mostly the progressives.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
I am recently married with two daughters, 8 and 10. My husband is also an electrician. I met him on a jobsite; he was my apprentice. I thought he learns pretty well, so I took him home and married him!

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