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September 3, 2001.
The Sands player bobo won $414,119 Rags to Riches progressive jackpot. Player bobo won Rags-to-Riches jackpot at The Sands Of The Caribbean online casino. He said: "Unbelievable ... I couldn't and still don't believe it! I was playing the Rags to Riches game and all three of the reels stopped on the "Rags to Riches" symbols, and the bonus wheel started to spin. I was just hoping for the wheel to stop at $200, but it stopped at JACKPOT!!! I woke...

September 4, 2006.
A $404,273 Rags To Riches progressive Jackpot Was Hit By A Player At The Sands Of The Caribbean Online Casino. The Sands of the Caribbean, home to some of the largest jackpots in the history of online gaming, has helped another lucky member turn their "Rags to Riches" with another jackpot payout of $404,273, just $10,000 shy of the previous record of $414,119.22! Rags To Riches is a popular 3 reel single pay-line slot that offers the min progressive jackpot of £/€/$100,000....

January 15, 2011.
Tommy C Wins 251K British Pounds On The Classic Rags-to-Riches Slot At InterCasino. InterCasino player Tommy C from Denmark won £251,722.30 (388,759 USD or 292K euros) on 'Rags to Riches' 3-reel slot machine on Boxing Day (26 December, 2010), which is since March 2001 one of the oldest and most famous Progressive Jackpot available online. This 3-reel, 3-coin and single line progressive slot machine offers a minimum progressive jackpot of $100,000...

January 14, 2003.
Swisi won this huge $298K Rags to Riches progressive slot jackpot at Inter Casino. "I was playing "Rags to Riches" at InterCasino. The start was not particularly encouraging - the wheel came only a few times and always stopped at $10, 15 or 30. My wife (she is a rather conservative player) told me to stop and to collect the $200 balance I had. I said I wanted to continue just a couple of more times when the wheel started again. When it slowed down I saw how...

November 17, 2004.
6 Minute-Old Online Gambler Wins $286,609 at InterCasino on October 27, 2004. It's a record jackpot at InterCasino, not because it’s their biggest winner ever, but because no one has ever won a MEGA-Jackpot so quickly. A just-out-of-the-box online gambler going by the username Silvana3, registered at InterCasino two weeks ago, on the 18th of October, but didn't start her real-play until yesterday. read full story

October 16, 2004.
'William H' wins 281,865 progressive jackpot on Rags to Riches. Actually, this is not quite true, as it was in fact 'William H's wife who decided to play a few more spins on Rags to Riches while her husband called it a night. Just as 'William H' had gotten into bed, the calm of the evening was pierced by his wife's shouting near the computer. Knowing that she was online, playing at InterCasino, William quickly sprung from his bed in...

July 7, 2004.
InterCasino's player JeromeD won $270,453 jackpot this July. JeromeD was playing Rags-to-Riches slot game at InterCasino when he've hit $270,453 jackpot. In his interview he said: "The jackpot kept going up and up and up, and the weirdest thing is...I had a feeling that I would win on that particular game. Like I said to Ryan Hartley when he called to congratulate me, 'I felt like aliens came and picked me up, or that I was having some...

August 21, 2008.
CS Casino Player Goes From Rags To Riches With $235,853 Progressive Jackpot. Player Nadine T. from Toronto, Canada with the nickname "Number" just hit a $235,853 jackpot at CSCasino's Rags to Riches slot machine. CS Casino, home to some of the largest progressive jackpots in the history of online gaming, has helped yet another lucky member turn their Rags to Riches with a great jackpot payout of $235,853.00 on the famous and very popular Rags to...

January 10, 2005.
InterCasino Player 'LLCoolV' scoopes $231,015 on Rags to Riches! Player 'LLCoolV' certainly had the best Xmas present from InterCasino in December, winning a cool $231,015 on our Rags to Riches Progressive Jackpot! I am sure he and his family had a few extra treats under their Xmas tree to celebrate...Congratulations to 'LLCoolV' on his fantastic win!

November 27, 2003.
Player drobert won $220,671 at VIP online casino. VIP casino's player drobert just won $220,671 Rags to Riches progressive slot jackpot. He said: "I am a blackjack player really. And after having won a few thousand on blackjack, I decided to try the slots, which is a game I've never earnestly played before. I was spinning the slot reels for just over an hour when the three jackpot symbols lined up! I've only been playing online for three months, and I have only been playing at VIP Casino for a few days. I was shocked, I just couldn't believe it, I told my mum and she didn't believe me until I showed her the screen."
"I plan to pay off my student loan and to buy a brand new car. I will invest the rest as a nest egg."

August 10, 2003.
Player Lucky won $199,276 Rags to Riches jackpot at InterCasino. "I couldn't believe it, I was very surprised. I put $30 in and I was on my last 3 coins. My game is usually video poker, but I finished playing that and thought, 'I wonder what the progressive jackpots are' because I told my husband last summer that I was going to win Rags to Riches one day." Read full interview.

January 7, 2005.
Player 'Sture' won $198,292 Rags to Riches jackpot at InterCasino. "I have been a player at InterCasino for about six months, and I have always liked I play slots and European Roulette - just a little Roulette, five dollars on black or red once and a while - but Roulette never paid out $198,292!" said an excited Sture. "I knew I could win a jackpot but I never expected to. Of course, each spin I make, I want to win it - and...

March 19, 2002.
Ilkirby Wins $193,012 Jackpot On Rags-to-Riches Slot At William Hill Casino. Player 'Ilkirby', a cash-strapped waitress hit a record $193,012.00 payout from William Hill Casino on March 14th, 2002 - less than twenty-four hours after opening an account. Rags to Riches is a popular Cryptologic progressive slot machine game that frequently awards its players with 6-digit jackpots. The William Hill online casino player with the online handle 'ilkirby' is a...

February 2, 2002.
Casino player jas3516 won $189,433.44 on Rags to Riches slot. Jas3516 won this large Rags-to-Riches progressive jackpot at InterCasino. "I still cannot believe it. I wake up every morning thinking it was all just a wonderful dream! I plan to pay off a few bills and the majority of it will go into an account for my retirement nest egg. I am 56 years old, and maybe by the time I retire, the interest or dividends will have increased the...

April 6, 2005.
Danish Slot Player Wins InterCasino's $182,915 MEGA-Jackpot. (London, UK) - InterCasino has announced that its latest monster "Rags-to-Riches" Progressive Jackpot has toppled straight into the lap of Danish player ‘Gesualdo'. The 30 year-old Dane plundered the ever-popular machine for $182,915 with an investment of only $14 on April 4. Gesualdo is a roulette aficionado, but was attracted to InterCasino's famous Rags to Riches Slot...

November 16, 2007.
Soren CP Wins $178,839 Jackpot On 'Rags to Riches' Progressive Slot At InterCasino. InterCasino have just announced another 'Rags to Riches' Progressive Jackpot winner! SorenCP is a Danish player and he recently cracked the progressive slot machine and won a huge $178,839 jackpot! SorenCP told InterCasino's manager: "I played for the first time at the end of October and on the 1st of November, a couple of days and a few spins later, I was a 'Rags to...

September 29, 2002.
Player AngelZ won $160,032.60 playing Rags To Riches slot machine at InterCasino in September. She said about her winnings at InterCasino: "I was totally shocked! I couldn't believe it when the wheel on Rags To Riches landed on the Jackpot. I yelled downstairs for my husband to come up and see what happened and he couldn't believe it. He didn't think it was real, but now that the whole jackpot is now in our bank account it has made a believer out of him. People really...

June 29, 2003.
Are Deuces Wild? Second Lucky Player In Two Months Scores Big Progressive Slot Jackpot at The Sands of the Caribbean. Summer Solstice Play Nets $155,281 Rags-to-Riches Jackpot! Just two months ago, lucky player 'Clair W' scored a big spring bonus, hitting a $133,246 jackpot on the Rags-to-Riches progressive video slots at The Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino. As good as that was, the action got even hotter for player 'Lance P' who, on the heels of the summer solstice, pulled in an even bigger $155,281 jackpot on the same Rags-to-Riches games at The Sands of the Caribbean.. read more

June 25, 2003.
Casino player tapete14 won $155k jackpot at The Sands. The Sands of the Caribbean's online casino player tapete14 won $155,281.00 playing Rags-to-Riches slot game. "I really couldn't believe it. I looked at the numbers on the screen and thought, 'NO WAY! This can't be real.' Then when you called on the phone to congratulate me, I knew I really did win. WOW!" - he reminds.

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