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Triple Olives Jackpot Winners Stories.

June 19, 2001.
InterCasino's player copper won $11,044.05 on Triple Olives progressive slot. Slot player copper won $11,044.05 at InterCasino in June. She wrote: "Playing InterCasino has become almost a daily ritual, like washing my face! I usually play at home, but sometimes I sneak a play in at work on my lunch hour or when the boss isn't around. Usually, I stick to the slot machines and alternate between a few of them - mostly the progressive. The day I won the...

October 4, 2002.
Intercasino's player MRGorsy won $8,060 jackpot playing Triple Olives slot. "Just to pass time as my husband slept on the sofa, I decided to spend some of his hard earned cash and play Inter Casino for the first time. Thinking winning big does not happen to people like me, I deposited a very small amount of cash just to keep me occupied for an hour. Just 15 minutes after logging on, I was a big winner..." Read full article.

June 28, 2001.
InterCasino player jeffc8 won $7,223.28 Triple Olives progressive. news/img_jeffc8Jeffc8 has been played Triple Olives slot at InterCasino when he hit this jackpot. "I couldn't believe it had happened. I was playing Triple Olives when I hit a win. I got up to go upstairs to get something and when I came back the machine was still dinging. I looked and had over $3,000, and the computer didn't stop till it got to over $7,000. Then I realized I had hit the progressive. Wow!!"

November 3, 2001.
$5,222.28 won on Triple Olives quarter progressive slot by VIP casino's player LINDA. LINDA hit this Triple Olives $5,222.28 jackpot playing VIP online casino. She wrote: "I was surfing for something to do and came upon an ad for VIP casino. I liked the offer of purchase $25 and get $25 free. I downloaded and started to play the "Triple Olives" quarter progressive slot machine. My second pull cost me three quarters. I thought I won $25 when the credits started...

September 6, 2002.
$4,618.72 Triple Olives jackpot has been won by Inter Casino's player Suzilou. img_suzilouShe was playing Triple Olives progressive slot game when she hit $4,618.72 jackpot... "I was amazed and delighted with my Jackpot win. I only play a few dollars a day on the slots to pass the time. It was really great to see the Triple Olives come up and to win over $4,000. Now I can treat myself and my family to a few luxuries! The free t-shirt is a nice surprise." - she recalled.

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