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May 10, 2005.

Oohlahma Hits $162,514 Progressive Jackpot While Playing Booster Slot At Slotland Casino.

The slot machine site with the most won jackpot on the net announced yet another huge progressive jackpot winner! Lucky North American slots player ‘Oohlahma' has won $162,514 at Slotland's exciting three-wheel, single payline "Booster" slot machine.

'Oohlahma' is actually a 55 and 57-year-old brother and sister team who have been playing at on WebTV on their big screen TV for three years.

"We have a fun way of picking our slot machine of the week; we have the name of each machine on a card in a special Slotland bowl," explained the excited winner. "Each Sunday, we pick a card. Last week, we picked Booster."

The unique "Booster" machine boosts players' bets - and likely their heart rates! When the wild symbol appears, they can boost their bet 10 times allowing for amazing winnings on a single spin. And no bet is lost at the Booster - every bet that doesn't win is added to a fund that can be cashed in at any time or risked on one win/lose spin. This is where ‘oohlahma' hit the big jackpot.

"I closed my eyes as my brother clicked the handle," explains ‘Oohlahma'. "I only opened them when he whooped out loud that we won it! We were just praying for another row of grapes or better. Well, it couldn't get any better - all three boost symbols fell across the pay line! My brother leaped up and pulled me out of my chair and started dancing around the room with me. I swear we both felt like kids on Christmas morning."

"It's normal for us to have a jackpot over $100,000 won every six weeks or so," says Hannah Morante, Slotland spokesperson. "But lately we've had more lucky players than usual - two jackpot winners in the last couple of months."

Unlike other progressives, Slotland's jackpot is linked across ALL games in the Slotland online casino. This means slots players can play a little blackjack or video poker between pulls, and still have a chance to hit the same jackpot as on their favourite slot machine.

The other popular Slotland's slot machines and Video pokers include Golden 8, Booster, Jacks or Better, Silver Kiss, Magic Slot and Heavy Metal.

Source: Slotland casino

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