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October 28, 2009.
Austrian Woman Wins Over EUR27,000 On Desert Treasure Slot On Casino Tropez Mobile. One lucky member of Casino Tropez Mobile, Manuela K from Austria, scooped a whopping €27,105 playing the popular slot machine game, Desert Treasure. Manuela had been a real money player of Casino Tropez Mobile for less than 2 months when she made her exciting win on October 5th, 2009. A big Slots fan, Manuela also enjoys...

March 21, 2010.
Royal Vegas Casino Player Hits $25,530 Jackpot On 'Fortune Lounge' Feature Slot Online. We congratulate Royal Vegas online casino player Gnger G. who won $25,530.00 playing on the Fortune Lounge Feature Slot Machine on March 18th, 2010. Fortune Lounge is a popular online slots game, exclusive to Fortune Lounge member casinos. Royal Vegas is now the most popular online casino of the Fortune Lounge group and offers new...

April 22, 2009.
Austrian Player Hits Big Fruit Mania Slot Jackpot At Joyland Online Casino. Reinhard W. (player acct. JLR64***52) from Austria, won $23,896.21 on Fruit Mania 5 reel slot machine at Joyland Casino on April 20. Here is the interview with the winner: Q. Please describe to us, how your winning moment was? A. After a while playing with just little success, all of a sudden in the middle of the night I was lucky...

August 25, 2004.
Fear Of Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Not Me, I love Friday 13th! - Olympic Gold Slot Winner Story. If you fear broken mirrors, black cats crossing your path or even walking over cracks in the pavement then take a leaf out of JackpotJoy's latest winner's book and try your hand at one of JackpotJoy's progressives. Judi D signed up on Friday 13th and within hours had ascended the winners' podium courtesy of a massive payout on...

December 8, 2006.
Tracy B Won $20,000.00 Jackpot Playing Party Line Slot At Sky Kings Online Casino. news/Tracy BSky Kings online casino player Tracy B. won $20,000.00 playing Party Line slot machine game on November 27th. Casino manager have asked her how did she feel when she won? "I was so excited.. I thought it said 2,000.00 and when I looked again I was flipping out. I couldn't believe it really happened and to me... I actually won something big.. it is going to help so much especially this time of year and with 5 kids... I couldn't be happier... Thank you sky Kings!!!" Party Line is a classic 3 Reel single line Slot Machine.

October 19, 2005.
VIP Player Simone K. Wins 20,000.00 Euros Playing Party Line Slots At Monaco Gold Online Casino. Online casino gambler Simone K., VIP Palace Club Member, won €20,000.00 at the Party Line Slots Machine at Monaco Gold online casino. Featuring over 70 latest Playtech high quality online casino games, Monaco Gold is a very popular Internet casino today where you can surely "Enjoy The Royal Side of Gaming!" Take advantage of the...

August 11, 2005.
Club Dice Casino Player Sarah Wins Twice During A Week At Slots To A Total Of Over $30K. news/SarahSarah (Club Dice casino account number CDR03711402) is amazing at Slots! Give her any slot machine and she'll hit a few jackpots... Example: On August 6th, she won in one gaming session... $17,753! That's not it... on august 11th, playing a wise combination of slot machines, she won another $13,976 in one session! She is definitely Club Dice Casino's slot winner! Who can beat her?

March 7, 2008.
Joerg W. From Germany Wins Over 10,000 Euros With A 20 Euros First Deposit At Europa Casino. Online casino player Joerg W. from Warendorf, Germany wins over €10,000 with just a €20 first deposit at Casino Europa on Feb 18th 2008. This is a relatively small progressive jackpot win at the casino. The biggest jackpot of 2007 - €400,000 was hit on Gold Rally 8 line progressive slot machine by Esther H. from...

August 12, 2005.
Craig987 Wins Two Jackpots On Java Slots At Omni Casino. Lucky online casino player 'Craig987' won 2 jackpots of a total of $21,000 at Omni and The Sands Of The Caribbean virtual casinos. The winner told to the casino managers: "My Friends at Omni Casino - You guys have made me a true believer in your claims about payouts and customer satisfaction. (I must say I was very sceptical at first)...

March 18, 2002.
Maringo Wins $12,000 At Club Dice Online Casino In March. news/MaringoPlayer Maringo from the Netherlands shares his online gambling experience: "Club Dice is a fantastic casino, with amazing graphics, lovely games and a great costumer-staff!! The best online casino I ever have played!! Winning $12,000 was real fabulous and I can use the money very well!! It was sensation all over my house on Sunday the 17 march 2002! Thanks Club Dice (and guys)."

February 5, 2005.
Player Sharon S. won $7,500 off a $15 bet playing Slots. sharron_s"Thank you. I couldn’t believe I won at first. I had to look at the screen a couple of times before it really sunk in that I had won so much. My husband and & I are going to use part of the money for a vacation and part to buy new furniture for our new house that we just bought. I really enjoy the slot games at Super Slots & it’s so much FUN to WIN. I have never won this much in my life so it feels really great!"

August 22, 2001.
Jules15 won $5151.02 playing slots at Inter Casino. InterCasino's player Jules15 won $5151 on slots in August. She said to the managers of the casino about her win: "Thank you InterCasino for a great ending to a very long day! I started using the Internet years ago for business. I've always loved to gamble and when I came upon an online casino a couple of years ago I was thrilled! The...

June 19, 2006.
Sharon P. Tells 'Always play maximum coins when playing the slots' After Winning $5,000 Jackpot. "Always play maximum coins when playing the slots." Sharon P. tells to casino players. She told her story about her recent slots win of over $5,000.00 at one of the Fortune Lounge online casino. Here is the great story: "I have been playing at various online casinos since 1999. I was immediately hooked the first time I ever played an...

February 1, 2005.
Kelly C won $4950.00 playing slots. KellyCHe said: " Hello everybody, My name is Kelly C. From Texas. I am a new player here with the fortune players club. I started with the $15.00 wonderful sign up bonus.On January 4th. I was using the automatic roll 10 spins. I went to get a cup of coffee and came back to look to see what I had done. Well make a long story short I spilled my coffee! I was in shock to see I had just hit $4950.00 on one roll!!! Players and new players I have been gaming for over 3yrs. on the Internet at other sites and have to say THIS IS THE BEST SITE I HAVE EVER PLAYED!!! I also now am a proud Platinum club player. All I can say is these people are the best!! Good luck to all players new and old."

February 4, 2009.
Fortune Lounge Player Vicki C Tells The Story Of Online Slots Experience. Here is a story of another Fortune Lounge's winner on slots. Excentric Vicki tells us about her online gambling experience. Well I hope this story of my 1st online gambling isn't too long or boring LOL.. I bought my computer in spring of '99. The 1st place I learned to go was any free slot game.. LOVE THE SLOTS hehehe.. Anyway a...

January 23, 2005.
Linda T collects jackpots on several Slot Machines. She said: " I really don't have a special routine......I just go by my feelings. I usually start playing the bonus slots - Lucky Charmer, Wheel of Wealth & Spectacular Wheel of Wealth... all of which I hit big during the tournament. My biggest hit was on Fantastic Sevens when I hit the $2,500.00. Fantastic Sevens was the first game I...

December 1, 2005.
Slotland Casino Player TEAMRN Tells The Story About Winning On 'Lucky Stars' Progressive Slot. $lotland online casino presents this monthly Winner Story! Since the winners keep on coming, the winner stories should keep on coming! This month we offer winner story written by the player 'TEAMRN'. Here's what she told: Most of the time when I read winner stories, I drool and think "...never in a million years." Lady Luck always passes...

September 8, 2007.
Lucky Stars Brings Some Cash To Veteran Slotland Online Casino Player. As always we are proud to present you yet another monthly winner story from Slotland online casino. Every win at Slotland is a special event, both for players and for the crew at Slotland. Slotland staff loves seeing their players win, and they all love building long-term relationships with all of their players. In this month's winner...

June 5, 2007.
Slotland's Monthly Winner Story From Casino Player ELMOPOOF. In this winner story from ELMOPOOF, you will learn how Slotland casino can even help you grow your own business while you are winning and having fun: First off, thank you for sending my $100.00 winnings so quickly! Even though I have never won your big jackpot in over the 5 years I have been playing, I still keep hoping that...

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