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August 25, 2004.

Fear Of Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Not Me, I love Friday 13th! - Olympic Gold Slot Winner Story.

jj jackpotsIf you fear broken mirrors, black cats crossing your path or even walking over cracks in the pavement then take a leaf out of JackpotJoy's latest winner's book and try your hand at one of JackpotJoy's progressives. Judi D signed up on Friday 13th and within hours had ascended the winners' podium courtesy of a massive payout on JackpotJoy's brand new progressive slot Olympic Gold. Yes, the folklore and superstitions of 1000 years were consigned to the history book the moment Judi D signed up to play for real and won a whopping £20,612 on JackpotJoy's limited edition new kid on the block Olympic Gold.

"Despite the various associations with what is meant to be the most unlucky day of 'em all, I opened my newsletter and decided to play for real. I thought there'd be more chance of Team GB making a clean sweep of the gymnastics than me winning the jackpot so you can imagine my surprise when I struck gold. I had to call my bloke in from the other room to make sure I wasn't hallucinating! Granted I've won the odd tenner on the lottery but never anything that can compare with this. I'm starting a degree in graphic design in September and I don't even have to consider a student loan now. There'll be a holiday as well. I can't wait till I hold that cheque in my hand!" told excited winner.

Remember folks Olympic Gold may only be here for a short time but it STILL offers you the big money chance to go for gold on a regular basis.

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