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January 26, 2004.

First Jackpot Winner Of 2004 Won $107,103 At Slotland.

booster$lotland is excited to announce its first jackpot winner of 2004, and it was a great win! On January 22, 2004, SANDYSAILS of Vermont broke the jackpot while playing Booster slot machine to bring home a tidy sum of $107,103!

We had a chance to hear from this winner and learn how it all happened. "I knew that if I ever broke the jackpot at Slotland, it would be from Booster, because I am absolutely hooked on that crazy game!"

"Ever since that game was introduced at Slotland, I think I have spent more than half my time playing it. I love all of Slotland's games, as they are each unique and fun to play, but there is something about Booster that really gets me excited. Of course, I am sure everyone loves the bank feature, where you can get back all of your lost bets in one spin! I have had my ups and downs with that feature alone. Once I lost over $700 on that feature, but my best memory is when I broke the bank with over $1,200 sitting in it!" said the winner.

"I saw that the jackpot had gone over $100,000 and I always like to play after long holiday weekends. It seems to me that a lot of players are playing over the weekends and when there is an extra day, as there was that Monday (it was Martin Luther King Day in America), the jackpot seems to be begging to break. So on Tuesday, after my kids were in school, I settled in to see if I could be the one to win the jackpot this time."

"I could tell I was on a good streak; by the time I had to get my kids from school, my $200 deposit had grown into over $500, all on Booster. That evening, I once more broke the bank on Booster, and won back over $400 in lost bets. By the time I got up Wednesday, I had over $800 waiting for me."

"I wasn't tempted even once to cash in at that point. I really felt that SOMEONE was going to take that jackpot soon and I would be kicking myself if I stopped now. I decided to give myself until that Friday; if the jackpot had not broken by then, I would stop. Of course, if it broke before Friday, then I would cash in my chips and wait for the next big jackpot in another month or so." continues SANDYSAILS.

"As luck would have it, I was the one who ended up being the next jackpot winner! Each time I got the flashing BOOST symbol, of course I boosted my bet. I have a habit of closing my eyes and picturing three BOOST symbols across the machine. Of course, I have gotten a lot of flashing BOOST symbols, some ending up winners and some ending up losers. Imagine my glee when this time I opened my eyes and sure enough, ALL THREE BOOST symbols were looking right back at me!"

"With over $100,000 in my bank now, I have some fun plans. Of course, I have earmarked a few thousand for more rounds with Booster (it again has over $500 in the bank, and I want that money too!), but the rest will certainly go to good use! All I want to say is Thank you and I love you, Slotland!"

Source: Slotland

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