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January 23, 2005.

Lorraine D Hits 14,336 British Pounds On Bullion Bonanza Slot At Jackpot Joy.

bullion bonanzaWhat could be a more arresting site that leaving your desk to answer your phone and then seeing that you've hit the jackpot on Bullion Bonanza? That's exactly what happened to policewoman Lorraine D when she won £14,336 on everybody's favourite progressive slot machine at Jackpotjoy.

"My friend had the bright idea of phoning me whilst I was in the middle of of trying to win the progressive jackpot. I always play for them when they rise above 5 figures. I tell you when those gold bars fell into place she go a bit of an earful from me. It's not every day that you win that amount of money on the click of a mouse button." That's all it takes Lorraine D.

"I'll say the obvious and say that I'll take a holiday and what with the kids at college well I'm sure I'll be able to help them out as well. Anything else? Well, with that kind of money I'm going to make sure that I treat myself too. I can't quite buy a palace just yet but from small acorns etc." added the winner.

Just keep your eye on the Billion Bonanza's jackpot Lorraine D as it won't be long before it hits 5 figures again!

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Jackpotjoy is a unique online gaming site based and audited in UK that features over 80 instant-win games with multi-player chat and prize points for free players. Real money players have the chance of winning Big Cash Jackpots that are frequently in excess of £s;50,000 and rise to as high as £500,000! Average payout is now more than £1 million per day. Jackpotjoy further stands out with its exclusive TV-branded games. Jackpotjoy offers the one and only Deal or no Deal slot game where players get their chance to beat the banker and take away huge progressive jackpots!

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