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October 7, 2007.

Slotland Casino's Winner Story Of KANAMONG Who Won $4,000 On Treasure Box Slot.


This month, we would like to present another winner story, this time from Slotland casino players with the nick KANAMONG, who ran an awesome winning streak up to over $4,000. Here is what he had to say about his recent win:

"My favorite slot at Slotland is Treasure Box. As I am not a high roller, I usually play all lines with 50 cents. On a Friday night, after a day's hard work, I decided to go to Slotland after a 2 month break. As usual, I started playing with 50 cents, 4 lines. After several spins, I found I was hitting 1's and 7's more than usual. So I changed my mind and start playing at the highest rate, meaning 2 dollars on 4 lines." said KANAMONG.

"My first $200 had gone, but it took more than one hour. During this period, I hit 1's on the 1st spin ($120 win each time!) several times. I felt something strange was going on, and decided to keep going. Another $200 had gone, but it took more than 1 hour again."

"Then the next $200 had gone. This one took only 10 minutes or so. The next $200 had gone quickly, too, but I "smelled" something, so I decided to keep going!"

"At the first spin of my next $200, I hit 7's on the 1st spin ($200 win!) and astonishingly enough, on the next spin, I hit 7's on the 1st spin AGAIN! And several spins later, I hit THE TREASURY. At that time, it had more than $300 waiting for me. And several spins later, I hit three stars on the 1st spin for a $400 win!"

"After that, it was like a surf on the big wave. After losing around $150, I hit stars on the first spin again, and hit 1's on the first spin 3 times and 7's on the first spin 2 times. At that time, as I had already won more than $1000, I decided to go to bed."

"On Tuesday night, after hard work again, I came back to Slotland, and continued to play Treasure Box. In my first $200, I hit the stars on the 1st spin again. and after losing around $200, I hit 1's in the same color (blue, actually) on the 1st spin ($1200 win)! I couldn't make up my mind to quit or not, but at that time, as I had already won $2000, I thought I could play $500 or so. After that, a kind of "stable" period came. Losing $200, hit 7's at the first spin and get $200, losing $100, hit 1's and get $120, losing $300, and hit stars at the first spin and get $400, and so on. And after about 2 hours, I hit 1's in the same color again! (This time, it was red.) At that point, I had $4080 in my account. I spun several minutes more and finished at just $4000."

"After winning, the staff at Slotland was kind enough to offer me a wire transfer for my payment, and I received the winnings in the same week. And I bought a TV for my family and a ring for my wife. (I didn't tell them the reason, of course!)"

"Thanks, Slotland. I will come back soon, maybe after another hard day's work again!" added KANAMONG.

Excited and heartfelt congratulations to KANAMONG plus extra $1,000 goes into his VIP player account from Slotland online casino for sharing his wild and profitable streak with us! We hope you are enjoying that television and that your wife is still admiring her new ring!

Source: Slotland Online Casino

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