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October 20, 2004.

German Player Won $55,121 While Playing Treasure Box Slot Machine At Slotland.

On October 19, KLAUS38893 from Germany won $55,121 while playing Treasure Box slot at $lotland. In attempting to contact our winner, we found that he does not speak English, but fortunately his daughter speaks English and was able to explain her father's good luck... He said:

I actually was the one who introduced my father to Slotland, back in 2001. I had been playing for a few months and my father came by to visit me one time while I was cursing my bad luck at Slotland. I never knew my father had a gambling streak in him, until he sat down next to me and asked if he could watch me play. I told him I was not doing very well and was about to stop, and to my surprise he told me that if I played a bit longer so he could see how it all worked, he would cover my losses up to $100! I didn't need any more encouragement to keep on, and I was able to play for another hour before losing another $100. Actually, I should say before losing HIS $100!

The next few times he visited, he would ask me about Slotland and wanted to know if I was going to play again. I finally suggested that if he was so interested, perhaps he should get his own Slotland account! I had remembered that I would get a $10 bonus if I referred another player, so I set him up with his own Slotland account (on my computer; he did not yet own a computer).

I swear seeing him play at Slotland seemed to knock 10 or more years off his life. He would get excited and laugh and moan over his wins and losses; I actually was starting to look forward to his monthly "Slotland" visits. I actually used to tease him about loving Slotland more than me, because ever since he opened his account, he visited my house more often!

I actually lost some interest in online gambling, as my job demanded so much of my time, and my budget did not allow me much extra fun money (I just had my son go to America for college, and that pretty much uses up my extra cash). So I figured I could get some fun watching Dad play, without groaning about not having enough money for some little extras in life. So in a sense, I decided to do my gambling through my father.

Actually, I was pretty impressed with my father's control. If he had some good wins, he did not mind cashing out and ending his play earlier than planned. I remember one time he had deposited $100, and within 15 minutes, his account was showing $450. He cashed out and took me to a nice lunch. He was always so good about praising me for introducing him to Slotland, and treating me when he would get a nice win.

Another time, he put in $200 (it was one of those 20% bonus promotions that you people always seem to have) and he cashed out over $1,000 after playing for what seemed like all day. I didn't mind though, as he gave me $300 as "rent" for using my "lucky computer" as he likes to call it.

On the day he won the jackpot, I was making us lunch in the kitchen when it happened. He had been playing for a little more than one hour, and seemed to be staying about even. He would get some nice wins, building up his cash balance, only to see a streak of losses set him back to his starting point. He told me right before I went to make lunch that he felt something was different at Slotland that day. He said he usually doesn't see such wild streaks of wins and losses, but since he was still even, he was going to try a little longer.

I just about had lunch ready to serve when he walked into the kitchen. He had a kind of blank look on his face; I figured he hit a really bad losing streak and got wiped out. So I looked at him and asked, "Not a very lucky day today?"

His blank face just broke into a smile as he said, "No! It is a VERY lucky day today! Come and see!" He grabbed me by the hand and walked me to the computer. I simply could not believe it! There was the Treasure Box game, and I saw WILD symbols all over the place. Actually, after I got over my shock and sat down to look more carefully, what I saw was 2 WILD symbols covering the first and second columns, and the third jackpot-winning WILD symbol sitting on the third payline!

He told me that the 2 WILD symbols had lined up on his first spin; he just clicked and closed his eyes. When he opened them and saw the jackpot paid out into his account, he automatically got up and came to get me.

Well, Dad can easily afford his own computer now, and I told him so. But do you know what he did? He went out and bought ME a new computer system (I REALLY love it!), because he said he had to have my "lucky computer" for his own home! I told him that he better still come visit me as often as before. He has promised to do that, but I haven't seen him since his big win. I just KNOW he is trying for another big jackpot!

Source: $lotland

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