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Treasure Nile Jackpot Winner Stories
October 8, 2016.

Y.W. used an initial win of CA$3,000 to go on and win CA$243,160 on Treasure Nile Slot at Zodiac Casino.

news/treasure nile

Congratulations to Y.W. who used an initial win of CA$3,000 to go on and win CA$243,160 on Treasure Nile at Zodiac Casino.


I am very excited; this is the biggest prize I have ever won!

I was just having fun playing and won about CA$3,000, and I was so happy about it that I decided to spend a couple of hundred of it. I was saying to myself I will never hit the jackpot, and then, all of a sudden- there it Is!

I couldn't believe my eyes; I thought I was dreaming and I looked at my wife she thought there was something wrong with me, and I told her to pinch me just in case I am dreaming, and she did. It was a fantastic feeling when I found out it is re al.

Now we are probably going to take a vacation somewhere and fix the kitchen or something; we dont quite know yet. To other players, I say play smart and good luck!

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