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Treasure Nile Jackpot Winner Stories
October 18, 2001.

Christine B. Hit 2 Treasure Nile Jackpots in 3 Days, Totaling $82,434.67. New $42,346 Treasure Nile Win At Casino Fortune.

news/Christine BChristine B., Insurance Manager, won $42,346.59 progressive jackpot playing Treasure Nile slot at Casino Fortune on October 15th, 2001 and a $40,090.08 jackpot on October 15th. "My children did not believe me until I showed them my picture on Jackpot Madness!!" said the winner. The winner Christine B told us the story about recent big online jackpot win. Here're the testimonials:

How did it feel to win on Treasure Nile again, three days after the first win? Did you really think you'd win again?
Very shocking! The first time was shocking enough, so to win twice in the same week, I was completely shocked. It feels so wonderful to be so lucky. You wouldn't believe what happened the first time I won!

I actually took the day off from work and went out of state to play at a land-based casino. I came back that evening having won $5,000 at the casino. Then I sat down at my computer and I won again, this time for $40,090! I spent all day trying to get the $5000 and then sat down 10 minutes at my computer and won all this!

Then 3 days later, I sat at the computer for about half an hour and I couldn't believe my eyes when the winning combination came up and I won again. My husband wasn't home, I called him, and I asked him to sit down because he wouldn't believe what I have to tell him. I saved the winning screen for him to see for himself when he got home! The first time I won, I had money in there so I really didn't deposit any money. The second time, I really didn't put in much, I don't remember exactly how much, but I sat for only about half an hour!

What do you plan on doing with the money from the second jackpot? Will you go on that world cruise you told us about? Please give us some details!
Well, my son is in his first year of college, so this is going to pay for his first year there. As for the rest, I also have a teenage daughter who will be going to college soon, so we are putting some aside for that as well, and I am sure I will find a good use for the rest. I know that we are going to pay off some bills and put some away, and put aside a little bit to play again and have a super nice Christmas.

I would love to go on that cruise that I told you about in my last interview, but I think that we will wait until things around the world settle down a little. We talked about it, but thought it is not a good idea right now, not too safe. But we will do it some day, that is for sure!

Do you think you will win again?
I sure would like to! I am not too sure what the odds are. At the beginning, what I really thought was that my computer has great memory.

What is your personal philosophy of life?
I don't give up. I think that everyone is always trying to be lucky and then Lady Luck just finds you! She found me this year, since I won on Wow Pot in June, and that week in October, I won on a land- based casino and twice on Treasure Nile!

Were you carrying your 1886 silver dollar coin when you won the 2nd time?
Yes, I always have it with me, so it sure helps somehow. I wasn't really trying to win when it happened. I was daydreaming, and then suddenly I won. I think luck just happens... I hope it continues!

How old are your children and what do they think about their lucky Mom?
My son is 18, and my daughter is a teenager. They didn't believe me until I showed them my picture on Jackpot Madness. My daughter really couldn't believe it, and then she asked: 'what are you going to buy me?' My son asked: 'how much do I get?'

What do you like about Jackpot Madness?
I like to go there to see the updates, and read the interviews and see the winners. It is a very clear and precise web site, and I find it easy to browse through. I recommended at least 4 people to go to that site.

Source: Jackpot Madness (JM) - the largest online jackpot network that unites dozens of online casinos featuring Microgaming Viper software. Find JM's progressive jackpots at all Microgaming-powered Internet casinos.

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