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May 22, 2003.

Chuck Wins Big On His Birthday! Chuck M. Wins $41,279.32 Playing Cash Splash At All Slots Casino.

cash splashChuck M. won $41,279.32 progressive jackpot playing Cash Splash Slot at All Slots online casino on May 22, 2003. "I decided to play at All Slots Casino since they gave me a birthday bonus the day before. I started to play CashSplash, and looked at my wife and said it has 'potential'. I had 2 pulls left and lo and behold...I WON!!!" said the winner. Cash Splash is a popular 3 reel single payline slot machine game developed by Microgaming. Now you can play enhanced 5 reel 15 payline version of the game connected to the shared progressive jackpot. The recent winner Chuck M answered several questions concerning this big win. Here's the full interview:

Did anything unusual happen on the day of your win?
First of all it was my birthday. I couldn't get the computer to work and had to wake up my wife and ask her to help me. Of course, she wasn't too happy about that, but she hooked me up anyway.

What was your initial reaction when you won?
My wife had a look of utter shock on her face said 'You have just won the jackpot!' We both sat there in utter disbelief, both holding our hearts and I said to her, 'Are you still mad that I woke you up?' And she said 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!'

How do you plan on spending your winnings?
I want to bring all my children home for the 4th of July for a family reunion. And of course, I want to play a little more 'Splash'. I also want to build a deck onto my house which I had planned on taking a loan out for.

How long were you playing before you won?
About 2 minutes.

What advice do you have for others?
Always have dreams, and when you play - it's a game of chance.

What do you do for good luck?
I line up my stuff that I collected in Las Vegas. I have a lucky rock, matchbooks, and tokens from the machines that I will try my luck with next time I'm there. Also, it doesn't hurt to be Irish...

Describe in detail your dream holiday destination.
Going to Maui to visit my daughter.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
My wife and I like to visit different sites and try our luck. I also like to shoot pool with my son, and generally just relax, and putz around in my yard.

What 3 things would you take with you on a deserted island?
Matches, my wife to cook for me, and my kids to amuse me.

What is your goal in life?
Turn my business over to my son, retire young, and have my family close by to share in my golden years.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
I've always had a good outlook on life. When the going gets tough dig a little deeper and you would be surprised at how enterprising a person can be. Have faith, patience and perserverance and learn to have fun and relax when you can.

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