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Gold Rally Jackpot Winner Stories
November 2, 2004.

Goodbye Mortgage For Club Dice Casino Player K.S. Who Won $971,145 On Gold Rally Slot.

news/K SPlayer K.S. won large $971,145 progressive jackpot at Club Dice online casino playing Gold Rally slot machine on the November 1st, 2004. On the picture you can see how a camera-shy K.S. poses next to her record winning. She said "GOODBYE MORTGAGE!" and answered several questions about her recent gambling experience.

When did you start playing online casino?
In July 2004.

How often do you play at Club Dice Casino?
About three or four times a week.

What is your favorite game?
Magic Slots for sure. I like playing slots most of the time.

What was the reason you chose Club Dice Casino?
I checked on the Internet about various online casinos before I choose one to join. I read a lot of good things about Club Dice Casino, it's got a great reputation. Plus I loved the design of the casino.

Please describe to us the moment you won the jackpot.
At first I didn't understand what was going on, even after ten minutes. When I started to play Gold Rally that day, I didn't even the word 'jackpot' on my mind. So, when that moment happened, I was in total shock. I still am!

Is this the first time you won playing Gold Rally?
No, I won about $1,000 before playing Gold Rally.

How do you want to spend your money?
Well, first of all, I will pay off my morgage and put some savings aside for my children. And of course, the rest of the money I'll spend on pleasure with my family.

Will you keep playing at Club Dice Casino?

Source: ClubDice Casino

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