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July 18, 2016.

Darren H Hits GBP2,082 on Game Show Bingo at JackpotJoy.

Darren H

JackpotJoy's player Darren H was over the moon with his £2,082 win on Game Show Bingo!

"I had never played Bingo before! After I'd seen my wife play onsite I decided to join as there was such a wide variety of tickets and rooms.

It was the start of the week and after finishing my tea I went to get on my laptop to play but my wife had managed to get there first! I managed to get on it at 9pm and logged into my favourite room, Gameshow. I managed to share the House from my first session and I shouted to my wife ‘‘I've won!'' I carried on playing and during the next game my wife said that I only needed 2 numbers in the next 4 balls to win the jackpot. As we were talking we looked back at the screen and it said 0tg 38 numbers. My wife shouted ‘'you've done it; you've won the jackpot!'' I was in total shock; it took me a few minutes to click that I had won such a massive amount.

I got straight on the phone to my son and brothers as I was so excited. The jackpot was £2,000 but on top of that I won the fan51 for getting the House in 51 numbers or less and of course the Full House too. We decided that an all-inclusive holiday to Spain was top of our wish list, as we had not been aboard for 7 years. We also bought new clothes, a BBQ and a shed I had been waiting to save up for. This would of course have not been possible without this fantastic win on this fab Bingo site. I continue to play and have had some nice wins since!"

Congrats Darren, have a lovely holiday!

About Game Show Bingo
Game Show Bingo 25p is packed full of fun with three exciting bonus games and two amazing jackpots to be won! Buy 6 or more tickets for any game to qualify for one of 3 exciting bonus games: Balloon Pop Bonus, Bungee Bonus and Sumo Bonus. These games give you the chance to win up to 12 free tickets for the next bingo game. Two brilliant jackpots can be won on every game - a community progressive jackpot that everyone will share and a ‘Fantastic 51' jackpot that is won in 51 calls or less.

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