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November 16, 2004.

A Very Special Christmas For Karen S. Who Won $45,028.03 LotsaLoot Jackpot At Lucky Nugget.

Karen SKaren S. won $45,028.03 on LotsaLoot on November 16, 2004 at Lucky Nugget online casino. Developed by Microgaming, LotsaLoot is a 3 reel 5 pay-lines progressive slot game with Wild symbol and 10 winning combination. Now you can find 5 reel version of this popular slot game that connected to the same progressive jackpot. The recent winner, Karen, told:

Did anything unusual happen the day that you hit the jackpot?
I had a disagreement with my husband earlier in the day (family issues) so I was playing on line late at night.

What did you do when you realized you'd hit the jackpot?
Well I of course freaked out, my heart raced, I could not believe it. I went outside to my vehicle and got my digital camera and took pictures of the computer screen because I figured no one would believe me. Then I went and woke both my teenagers and showed them it was almost 3 am on a school night but.. I had to tell someone. I was still mad at the husband so I actually told him later the following day.

How will you spend your winnings?
I lost my father approximately 3 weeks ago, had no idea my mom was unprepared for funeral expenses etc, so I will pay off those debts I incurred for that then have a really special christmas. I asked my family to name one thing that they would "normally" not ask for for Christmas and I hope to be able to provide that for them.

How long were you playing before you hit the jackpot?
I had been playing almost 3 hours when that beautiful congratulations screen came into my life!

What do you do for good luck?
Nothing really, I don't usually have very good luck when gambling.

What is your dream holiday destination?
My darling husband took me to Hawaii this past January so the only place I would say is the dream vacation spot for me would be Paris.

What is your ultimate goal in life?
This may sound strange but always my ultimate goal in life has been to be able to be here emotionally and financially for my children anytime they need me.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
I am a bonified workaholic, I do this so I may give my family the things that I struggled for in life. I have a great husband, 2 teenagers 15 & 17 and I am a licensed realtor.The jackpot will allow me to "spoil" my family with that one special thing each that they thought they might never get.

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