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November 28, 2015.

L.C. placed a GBP1.25 bet and won GBP58,045 on Mega Moolah at Luxury Casino in November 2015.

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To all at Luxury Casino,

Oh my god! What a mad few days it has been, its a dream come true, it really is. I dont know what Ive been doing the last few days and I dont think it has fully sunk in yet!

I decided to play after receiving a couple of emails saying I could play for a pound. I was sitting there bored on my tea break at work and I thought - oh sod it, whats a pound? And it went from there! I rang my wife about an hour later (as I was in a daze for about an hour). She had a moan at me for waking her up and then I told her, "Ive just won ?58,000!". It went silent for a second and then she replied, "Oh ok, can I go back to sleep?". She still doesnt believe me!

The treatment at Luxury Casino is fantastic and everything about it is so professional. I cant thank you all enough and express my gratitude. UNBELIEVABLE!! You have definitely got a life time member in me.

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