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August 21, 2003.

'HEAVEN7' From Nevada Wins MAGIC Jackpot In August.

On Wednesday, August 20, 'HEAVEN7' found that she could believe in MAGIC! MAGIC is a popular 5 reel 5 paylines slot machine game with Free Spin Feature and Progressive Jackpot.

HEAVEN7 is a long-time Nevada resident and is more than familiar with casinos and gambling. In fact, she and her husband have argued over the past couple of years (since HEAVEN7 discovered online gambling and $lotland) about which is better, land-based casinos or online casinos. Well, considering the fact that HEAVEN7 just brought home $90,287 with her $lotland jackpot win, we think the argument is now running in favor of the wife!

Here is what HEAVEN7 has to say about her wonderful win:

It was a pretty hot day outside and my husband was pushing me to go to the casinos with him. I just was not in the mood to travel in the blazing sun and wrestle with other gamblers trying to find a winning machine. So I encouraged him to run off on his own for the day, while I did my playing at $lotland in my air-conditioned home. Whenever we have a "casino day" we each take $500 and see what we can do with it. So I wished him luck as he drove off and after getting the house straightened up, I logged into $lotland to see what kind of luck I could have today.

I made my first deposit of $200 at $lotland and began running through my favorite games, checking to see which one was as hot as the weather outside! I always start with Booster (though it can be a tough game sometimes) and then if I am not faring too well, I head over to Treasure Box. I ran through $100 checking out those two games and concluded that they were not the hot games for me today.

Then I went over to MAGIC, my third favorite game at Slotland. I don't know if it is the pretty symbols or the free spin feature that gets me most excited about MAGIC, but I do know that I love MAGIC! I already had lit up the "M" and "A" and "G" below the machine, so I was two letters away from the free spin. Now my usual strategy with MAGIC is to bet $.50 per line (total of $2.50 per round) until I light up the letter "I" below the machine. Then of course I boost my bets to maximum, because I know that once I light up the "C" letter in MAGIC, I get a free spin guaranteeing that five symbols of the same kind will appear on one of the paylines.

I could tell that MAGIC was my game for the day. I was hitting some nice small combinations that finally recovered my losses on Booster and Treasure Box, bringing me back even and then even a little bit ahead. Then I finally got the "I" to light up under my slot machine, so I knew it was time to go all out. I really believed that the C would appear each time I spun, but now that I was betting the maximum, my heart was pounding a little harder than before.

So all I was thinking about was getting that magical "C" to light up. It took me about 5 seconds to realize that I had just lined up 5 planets on a maximum bet! To say I was in shock is definitely an understatement! Of course I wore the biggest grin around the house all day, just waiting for my husband to return to share the great news. After returning to my computer screen about twenty times in five minutes, I finally logged out of $lotland. Of course, the first thing I planned to show my husband was the winning combination at MAGIC!

He finally returned at the end of the day with a big grin on HIS face. I said to him that by the looks of his face, he must have done pretty good today. He proudly pulled out $3,000 that he won while playing at the casinos! I let him have his moment of glory and then he must have noticed the pretty smug look on my face. "Well, how did YOU do today?" he finally asked me.

I said that I too had a winning day at $lotland. He asked how much I won, and I told him to just wait a minute until I logged back into $lotland so I could show him both the winning combination and my cash balance. I sat him down at the computer and I just enjoyed the stunned look on his face when he saw over $90,000 in my cash balance and the five planets lined up so pretty!

That is proof that we should all believe in MAGIC! Congratulations to HEAVEN7 and Good Luck to Everyone!

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