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January 1, 2013.

Elizabeth R Won A Share Of a Community Jackpot Playing on Slots Friendzy at JackpotJoy.

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Jackpotjoy is delighted to announce its latest online slots winner as a Ms. Elizabeth R. Ms. R won a £1,105 share of a Community Jackpot during a round of one of the site's most popular slots, Slots Friendzy. This game pays out a double jackpot, with Community winners each taking home a share of the main jackpot total - which in Elizabeth's case had reached more than £52,000.

At Slots Friendzy, everyone who places a wager in the main game three minutes prior to the main jackpot being won wins an equal share of the Community Jackpot. So, just like Elizabeth, players don't even need to land any winning reels in order to win big in this game.

Elizabeth explained her excitement at watching the game's Community Jackpot grow, knowing she might just win a share of it: "With a couple of spins the Community Jackpot was over £52,000," and she thought, "I could do a lot with that!"

She said that when the main jackpot was won, "the chat room was a-buzz" and that she was "happy for whoever won," as she and her fellow players congratulated the lucky winner via live chat. This sense of community is what Jackpotjoy is all about, and it's rewarded every day thanks to Community Jackpot games like these.

Elizabeth won her jackpot during a fast-paced Friendzy Time round, which is a unique feature of the Slots Friendzy game. During this randomly activated round, every player that has wagered in the three minutes prior to Friendzy Time being announced has the chance to play an enhanced round that's packed with extra Wild symbols, multipliers and more.

Friendzy Time players also qualify for the game's same Community Jackpot that netted Elizabeth her £1,105 win. Talking of her windfall, Elizabeth says that she plans to spend her winnings on her family, as well as putting some of the cash towards a treat for herself - a new sewing machine.

She thanked Jackpotjoy for getting her 2013 off to such a fantastic start, and said that she loved the keepsake cheque that she had received as a memento of her big win. Jackpotjoy would like to send their congratulations to Elizabeth, and hope she'll see her new sewing machine as a special memento too.

If you'd like to try a Slots Friendzy game of your own, the multi-line slot is available to play at Jackpotjoy from just 25p. There's a Progressive Jackpot to play for, which grows with every spin, as well as Elizabeth's favourite Community Jackpot, making this a slot game that's twice as lucky as most.

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