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Heavy Metal Jackpot Winner Stories
September 24, 2005.

Lucky Slotland Casino Winner PHATPHARM Take Home Over $100,000 Heavy Metal Jackpot.

Slotland's latest jackpot winner can actually boast of breaking several records: he took home the Heavy Metal jackpot in less than a month of joining up the casino. He is also the third consecutive jackpot winner to win over $100,000 - the casino has had back-to-back $100,000 plus jackpot winners, but never has Slotland had Three Consecutive $100,000 plus jackpot winners until PHATPHARM came along! Listen to how it all happened:

"It all started back in June, when my sister and brother-in-law came to visit us. I had just finished the first part of my school and my wife and I had moved to Michigan so I could take on a job at a pharmacy, while I continue schooling at night so I can become a pediatrician (my ultimate dream!). Since my wife is pregnant with our first child, she has had to stop work and prepare for our new family! Needless to say, money is tighter than usual, but I have to admit I do have a gambling streak in me!"

"The first night my sister and brother-in-law got into town, we had dinner at home. My brother needed to buy some cigarettes, so I took him to the local market to pick some up. While we were there, I decided to buy my weekly allotment of scratch cards (I buy $10 per week and cash out whatever I win, if anything!). When we got back to my apartment, I sat down and played my scratch cards. I was speechless when the 6th card I scratched came up a $1,000 winner!"

"Well, I may have been speechless, but my brother-in-law sure had plenty to say about it! He kept telling me that I am on a lucky streak and I should ride it out. There was no way I was going to buy more scratch cards, as I hardly ever win! He told me that there was something better, and took me over to my computer. He went on the Internet and went to the Slotland site. He then explained that he had been playing at Slotland for over a year now and he really loved it."

"He didn't have any money in his account, but he logged in anyway and showed me his favorite games (he favored Magic and Treasure Box over all the others). Well, after about 15 minutes, he showed me enough to have me interested in the games! Then he suggested that I make a deposit for $100, which I thought was a lot! He told me that I would get another $100 in bonuses for signing up and making the $100 deposit. He also explained that if he referred me to Slotland, he would get a $100 bonus as well! (I knew he was thinking of more than me when he suggested I try Slotland, but by this time, I really wanted to give it a go!)"

"So I went ahead and opened an account. I was surprised at how quick and easy it was, and I have to admit that I really liked that the extra $100 bonus was there as soon as I made my deposit. Even though it was now pretty late, I spent about an hour with my brother-in-law going over the games. I found the Golden 8 and Heavy Metal games to be more of my style, but my brother-in-law complained that Heavy Metal was too tough to play, as he lost a lot of money before learning how it really worked. I guess it left a bad taste in his mouth for that game, as he admitted he doesn't really play it much anymore."

"Well, after getting the hang of everything, we all headed off to bed. As my sister and brother-in-law were only passing through, they took off early the next morning. I was actually kind of glad to have the casino all to myself, as my brother-in-law tended to hang over my shoulder and give me tips while I was playing the night before. I was starting to think he was acting like a backseat driver! I do appreciate his guiding me along, but actually, the Slotland games are pretty easy (and a lot of fun!) to play once you get the hang of it."

"Anyway, I played for over a week on my $100 and I actually cashed out $150! I really liked the games and told myself I was coming back soon to try my luck again. I was still feeling like I did have some little lucky streak going, after winning the $1,000 on the scratch card and then cashing out $150 at Slotland."

"So after teasing myself for another week with thoughts of more wins at Slotland, I decided to go for it. I decided to put in $200 this time, since my luck still seemed good. I started out with Golden 8 and played for quite a while. I felt like things were going my way when after about two hours of play on that machine, I was still over my $200 deposit! I needed a break though, and really needed to get some things done around the place, so unfortunately I was not able to get back to Slotland until that evening. Again, I was amazed at how long I could play and not drop below my original $200! By the end of the night, I was up to almost $300 and I was very tempted to just cash out at that time. But my wife (bless her!) said it was so much fun and I was doing so well, let's wait a few more days before cashing in."

"It was two days later when I hit it! I was really getting to enjoy the Heavy Metal game, even with the tricks and twists, such as the random hold features and the vertical and horizontal win lines. Actually, I took it as kind of a challenge to become an expert at this game, since my brother-in-law said it was too hard to play for it to be fun. What I learned is that Heavy Metal is not the type of slot machine that you just spin and spin and spin. You actually need to analyze each result to decide which paylines you should bet and which paylines should not be bet. I was pretty proud of how I very quickly learned to read the paylines to know which of the 3 vertical lines (if any!) I should be betting."

"And I am really glad I learned this game! It was by watching my vertical lines that I lined up the green Triple 7's twice on the middle reel and bet the maximum on line B for the next spin. It was so pretty to watch a blank hit the first reel and the green Triple 7 to land on the second reel. I knew before the last reel finished that I won over $100,000!"

"You do not know how much this money helps us! We have already paid off my college loan and are now talking about maybe buying a house! Medical school is going to be much easier and fun with this money in my bank! Thank you Slotland! What a dream come true!"

Nothing makes us happier than stories such as these! Our congratulations go out to PHATPHARM and his new family! May the lucky streak continue!

Source: $lotland Online Casino

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