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July 27, 2008.

Player P987987 Hits GBP51,544.69 Cash Builder Online Bingo Jackpot Playing At Party Bingo.

p987987_bingo"Stunned" player p987987 hit the full house this July and won a staggering 51,544.69 GBP Cash Builder progressive jackpot playing 90-ball online bingo game on Party Bingo. Here's her winning story:

I really enjoy my bingo and signed up online after thinking: "Yes, why not? Let's give it a go." While playing my bingo online I tend to watch the chat more than join in because everyone seems to be a much quicker at typing than me, lol.

I was speaking to my neighbour the other day about online bingo and she said that no-one wins. Well, I said don't believe that - of course people win!

I had just got myself comfortable; the housework was done and my husband had gone to the office. It was peace and quiet with no kids - just me, a cuppa and my bingo.

I wasn't really concentrating when I saw that I had won a full house. Wow! That alone made me happy, but rather than seeing fellow roomies write wd (well done) all I could see was cb cb cb cb - Cash Builder. Only then did I click and looked at my balance .. No, it can't be, no, really? Yes, my balance had really grown by 51,544.6 GBP omg!

I was stunned, didn't really move, giggled, looked again and again and yes, then I got off my chair and screamed. I phoned my husband at work and told him the news and all he kept asking was: "Is it real? Really?"

Thank you, this is so much to digest, I am just so happy. I am not planning too much at the moment, but I do have a few things in mind; I would love to go to Las Vegas and watch some incredible shows. I would also dearly love a new kitchen and then I have an 18 year old planning to go to university soon, so I will need some extra cash for her, too.

All in all, it's just a dream come true to win so much money by doing what I love doing - playing bingo online.

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