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February 4, 2003.

Player STRONGARM Who Used To 'Hate' $lotland Wins $39,507 'Booster' Progressive Jackpot.

boosterOn January 27, 2003, STRONGARM, a retired player from North Carolina, was very pleased to have logged in at Slotland to play some rounds. At the time of her log out, STRONGARM found an additional $39,507 in her $lotland account.

STRONGARM has been a $lotland player for about 2 years, but it was not at all a smooth ride for her. Slotland support staff remember the early days, when it seemed like each email we received from STRONGARM was about problems (mainly technical) playing at $lotland!

Her fourth email to the casino support started out as follows: "I HATE SLOTLAND!" and went on to explain that a recent WebTV upgrade caused her browser to not work properly at $lotland (note to WebTV users: some WebTV upgrades are not initially compatible with our proprietary $lotland software, but our crack technical department can normally get you back on track in little time!). She went on to say, "I do love the games here, and your support is always so patient with me, but this $%$#^ WebTV won't let me play! WHY CAN'T YOU MAKE IT WORK???"

Slotland Casino Support manager recalls: "Well, not only are our elite Customer Support staff patient, but STRONGARM, to her good credit, remained faithful and trusting in our ability to resolve her problems. Sometimes, we feel that the "Silence is Golden" rule applies to our $lotland players; usually, when we do not hear from them, this means that all is well with them."

He continued: "We had not heard from STRONGARM since that "hate" email, so you can imagine our surprise and pleased smiles when we discovered that STRONGARM was our latest jackpot winner." Yes, on January 27, 2003, STRONGARM logged in to her $lotland account for a little break from her daily routine. Booster was introduced in January of 2002, and STRONGARM addmitted that this quickly became her favorite game. On this day, she did not even run her usual route of games (she swears by Treasure Box and Golden 8 as well), because she was short of time. She had a doctor's appointment for her arthritis, which was flaring up again, and as she had some time to spare, she thought she would relax at $lotland.

As she states it when Slotland's casino manager called her: "There I was, sitting there thinking, "What I would do with a jackpot?" I had deposited $200 into my Slotland account and, knowing I had to leave in 30 minutes to get to the doctor on time, I just went straight to Booster. Within 10 minutes, I am staring at THREE BOOSTER symbols! I always play max bets, and this time was no different! The crazy thing is, I was so excited, I forgot my doctor's appointment! It didn't matter then; I was not hurting at all after hitting that jackpot!"

Asked about her plans for this windfall, STRONGARM said she had planned to visit her three children, her 7 grandchildren and her one-year old great-grandson, who are scattered across four different states in the US. "Now," she announced, "I am flying them all out to North Carolina for a long-overdue family reunion!" Our heartfelt congratulations go to STRONGARM and her family!

Source: Slotland

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