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January 10, 2011.

Slotland Newbie Wins $104,514 Progressive Jackpot on Booster Slot.

news/booster slotThe new year is off to a great start for one of our lucky slots players! Known as TWOTONEJOAN in our community, the novice player won $104,514 playing the Booster slot machine last week. Win will pay off the mortgage - after a little shopping spree at the mall.

"I still feel like such a newbie at this," said the winner. "I can't believe I actually won so much! Slotland was one of the first casinos I tried and I just liked it from the start. Their games are way different than what you see at other places. Before I got so lucky on Booster I would have said that Treasure Box or maybe Reel Riot was my favorite but now I'm definitely a Booster fan!"

The lucky jackpot winner said she'd put most of her winnings toward her mortgage - after a little shopping spree for some new outfits! She said she also planned to set some of her windfall aside to keep playing slots with.

Slotland's jackpot is won, on average, every six weeks or so, usually for $100,000 to $150,000. However, although it's been paying out every day for many years, Booster hasn't had a major progressive jackpot winner for quite some time. At over $168K that one was one of the biggest of the year though.

The Booster slot game is a 3-wheel, single pay line online slot machine. Its BOOST symbol is wild. Whenever it appears players can either keep their current bet or "boost" it up to10x.

"Although many players like to play multi-pay line slot machines, like the new Lucky Ducts where you can bet on up to 19 pay lines per spin, lots of people like simpler single pay line games like Booster," said Slotland Casino Manager, Michael Hilary. "Another thing players really like about Booster is that no bet is ever totally lost!"

Every bet that doesn't win is added to the special fund and can be cashed anytime for 10% of its value - or in a special all or nothing win/lose spin, players can recover all their losing bets.

We had lots of major jackpot wins at Slotland in 2010. The first was a player who'd had many smaller wins, but never a massive jackpot like the $134,385 he won in February playing the Genie-themed Magic. Then in May the biggest jackpot of the year - $163,476 - was won on the Golden 8. SOUTHBELLE won almost $150K on Lucky Stars in August and a Canadian won $107,064 on Wild Heart shortly after. A budget-conscious grandmother won almost $80K playing Jacks or Better video poker slot in November.

About Slotland
A popular online casino for more than twelve years, Slotland now offers 19 one-of-a-kind slot machines and video poker games. A new vampire-themed game called Jewels of the Ancients will be launched next month. Slotland has upgraded most of its instant-play games with enhanced graphics and sound effects. 6 of the most popular games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs.

The jackpot at Slotland was reset to $50,000 after this win and is already over $60,000. Meanwhile at our other casino,, the jackpot is over $160,000 and many players feel it is overdue for a hit.

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