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November 4, 2005.

Slotland's Casino Players TNVOLS Tells His Story About Winning $66,355 On Space Jack Progressive Blackjack.

spacejackTNVOLS snagged $66,355 while playing Space Jack on October 3 at Slotland online casino. TNVOLS is the 8th jackpot winner of the year 2005 at Slotland. Here's what he told to the casino manager about this win:

"I have been playing at Slotland for close to two years now and I read the newsletters religiously, especially the jackpot winner stories. For some reason, I got the idea that when a jackpot is ready to break, the ultimate winner seems to be on a hot streak and cannot miss. I was looking for that kind of session, but even though it never came, I still won the jackpot!"

"I had just finished the weekend promotions and really had not done too well. I had deposited $400, had a good amount of playing time, but ended up with a zero balance (that seems to happen to me a lot!). On Monday, I decided to deposit another $200 and just stick with one game to see if I could recoup some of my weekend losses," added the winner.

"I have a special love for Blackjack, so Space Jack is a game I like to play a lot. Of course, in some ways it is tougher than Blackjack, but in so many other ways it is way more exciting than normal Blackjack tables! I have played with that game for months, trying to find some pattern that would keep me ahead of the game. Usually, I bet the maximum bet of $20 on one hand, and the minimum bets of $1 each on the other two hands, just in case I would find 3 blackjacks dealt to me."

"My betting method may seem a little complicated, but it sure paid off this time around! Generally, this is how I decide where to place my $20 bet each round: if one of the hands dealt is a natural blackjack, the next round I place my $20 bet on that hand. If no natural blackjack is dealt, I place my $20 bet on the hand which was closest to 21. If there is a tie (for instance, I get 19 on two different hands), I select the non-tying hand for my maximum bet. If I get a natural blackjack on two hands (and this has happened to me more than once!), then I bet my $20 on the non-blackjack hand the next round."

"As you can imagine, this method keeps my mind occupied! So when I had been playing Space Jack for over an hour, and saw my $200 drop down to under $50, my mind started wandering, thinking about other tasks I really should have been working on, and the way I was going, would actually be working on in the next hour or so! So I wasn't fully concentrating when I selected my bets, but I clicked the deal button and watched the cards fall. When I saw an Ace - Ace - King fall on the first round, I really didn't even blink, as I have seen that starting deal plenty of times. But when a Queen - Ten - Ace fell on the second round, I did plenty of blinking! Across the top of the screen is the message that I just won $66,355 and in my account I see $66,375!"

"Okay, so I wasn't laughing and clapping all the way up to my jackpot (instead I was figuring out what chores I needed to face when I logged off), but I swear I am happier than most jackpot winners with this amazing win! After paying off my mortgage (I only had 5 years remaining on it), I still have enough to take my wife on a special vacation to Hawaii! Slotland and Space Jack are the best!", finished TNVOLS this fantastic story.

Source: Slotland

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