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April 1, 2006.

Slotland Casino Player SOPHIJEAN Tells The Story About Her Online Wins In March.

treasurebox_bIn addition to two progressive jackpot winner of 2006, there are additional satisfied winners each day at Slotland online casino. And this story from player SOPHIJEAN provides a good example of persistance, even when the going seems rough! Here is what she told about his recent gambling experience at Slotland:

"I have been a player at Slotland on and off for the last 4 years. I have never won anything real big or significant, just enough to keep playing, have fun and experience the thrills and anticipation of thinking "just maybe" I could be one of those people I read about in your testimonials and hit something big. Last week I sat down to play at Slotland after a pretty long day at work, thinking it would help me unwind for the day. (I had hit 3 solid 7's on "Treasure Box" -my favorite machine- the week earlier for a winnings of $900! Those winnings were pretty exciting for me and I think I was still in a little shock over that great spin!) Knowing I had done pretty well the previous week, I thought I could give my luck another try."

"I was playing for a very long time and just not hitting anything! I thought to myself "Why did I play after winning so well the week before? I am just going to lose it all!" After a while, I realized that perhaps winning at Slotland was just not in the cards for me and I really should think about not playing anymore and deleting the account. I thought the winnings from the week earlier were just a fluke that usually doesn't happen very often for people. In fact, I was really beginning to have my doubts about anyone winning at Slotland, especially me!"

" notified the Support Team at Slotland that it was time to delete the account. I told them that as soon as my money in the account was gone, I would notify them and they should delete the account. The Support Team said that although they did not want me to leave, they respected my decision and had forwarded my request to the Supervisory Department for the account to be deleted. Deep down I did not really want to do this, but thought it was the best decision at the time. I went back to playing the rest of the money that I left in the account and thought oh, what the heck, I am going to increase my bet and go for it. Either I was going to hit something big or I was going to lose it all."

"Well, honestly, as soon as I increased my bet to almost the max, I started hitting! A few $25 dollar spins, a $60 spin and so forth. I considered stopping and withdrawing my balance, but with all of the excitement of hitting, I continued to play. All of a sudden I just could not believe what I was seeing! I had hit 3 solid 7's again (which was also the Treasury) and the screen said 'You won $1,096!!'"

"I immediately shouted out loud "I can not believe it! I just can NOT believe it!!" Well, after realizing what I had just won, I remembered that the Support Team had told me that they were going to honor my request of deleting my account!! I had to quickly notify them that perhaps that was not such a wise decision and I really had to eat my words! For the second week in a row, I had a withdrawal of $1,000!!!"

"To add to this excitement, the day after I withdrew my winnings, I won $100 in the weekly draw and also a prize of either a Slotland hat or t-shirt! You know, it just doesn't get much better than that! "

"So, in summary, I learned that I will never doubt or lose faith about people winning at Slotland. I am a true believer as it happened to me! So, if anyone ever gets frustrated like I did, do not immediately jump to that conclusion. Just keep believing that it can happen to you too! Thank you Slotland for providing me with such thrill, excitement and fun this month! YOU ARE ALL SIMPLY THE BEST!"
siad satisfied winner.

What a roller coaster ride to success! As is Slotland's customary practice, the casino have deposited extra $1,000 to her player account as VIP players get DOUBLE the bonus for submitting the best monthly winner story.

Source: Slotland online casino

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