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November 18, 2005.

Halloween Magic Slot Winner ULLKNIGHT Tells His Story About $111,976 Jackpot Win At Slotland.

slotland 98Slotland's 9th jackpot winner of this year, ULLKNIGHT, won $111,976 jackpot while playing Halloween Magic on November 15. He shared his story with us:

I have been playing at Slotland for a couple of years now and I have always loved the games and the support staff. I have had my good streaks (cashed out $1,500 once on a $100 deposit!) and my bad streaks over the time I have played, but my jackpot win will always remain the most memorable of all wins.

I actually have my daughter and niece to thank for this jackpot win. It all started on the weekend before Halloween, when my niece came to spend the weekend, and as is typical for 11 year old girls, they were all giggles and excited about Halloween. They had put on their costumes and were "testing" their trick or treat skills with me. After about 5 "doorbell rings" I was getting a little tired of the game, so I suggested that they watch a movie while I do other things. The other thing I had in mind was to play a little at Slotland and relax!

Within 5 minutes, they were back with me, saying they were bored. All of a sudden, my niece saw what was on my computer screen and asked about it. Cindy, my daughter, told her that I was gambling AGAIN (kind of scary, but she sounded just like her mom when she said AGAIN), but Tracy wanted to know more. I remembered that there was a Halloween Magic game, so I went there and started playing it a bit.

They loved the Halloween symbols (Cindy never really was interested in my gambling, so she never watched me play... it amazes me how when one kid finds something interesting, another kid, who never found that same thing interesting, all of a sudden finds it fascinating as well!) so they leaned on either side of me while I spun. They especially loved the pumpkin head on the slot machine, and when I explained that if I could line up five pumpkins I would win over $100,000, they just started jumping and screaming and laughing. I then had to explain that it was VERY unlikely to happen, but meanwhile maybe we could win something.

After about 20 more minutes, they lost interest and went off to other things. By this time, I had lit up the "M" and "A" below my LOGIN ID, so I was almost halfway to getting a free spin and guaranteed win. I spun for another 30 minutes or so and lit up the "G" before calling it quits. I still had close to my original deposit, so I figured I would tackle it again another day.

It was another week before I had a chance to get back to Slotland and I had pretty much forgotten about the Magic Halloween slot. I played some of my other favorites, but ended up losing the rest of my cash. I really did not give it much more thought until the following week. Cindy was going over to spend the night with Tracy and when I drove her over, Tracy asked me if I ever won the jackpot. I kind of chuckled that she remembered that night, and on the way home I thought I would give Slotland another run and try to light up the "I" and "C" for a guaranteed win.

I deposited $200 and went right to Halloween Magic. Within 15 minutes I had lit up the "I" and my cash balance had creeped up to $300, so I was feeling pretty good about things. It could not have been more than an hour later that the five pumpkins lined up across my machine and I was $111,000 richer! I could not believe my good luck! Guess which two girls are getting something special this Christmas? :)

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