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August 16, 2016.

Maureen M Won a Fortune on SNAP! At JackpotJoy Casino.

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Maureen M was delighted with her £1,000 win on Snap! At JackpotJoy Online Bingo and Slots site. Here is what she said about her recent win:

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for my surprise win of £1,000! It was a fantastic win and so unexpected, I was going to stop playing for the night but then I saw my balance jump to £1,000 - I had to double check it was correct! I was so happy that I rang up my son and he had to come and double check it was real too. It's the first big win I've had and I'm going to spend the cash on a holiday, thank you so much!"

Congrats Maureen, have a lovely time away!

Snap is a part card, part bingo game that is a whole lot of fun. You can buy up to 5 hands per game with ticket prices varying depending on the game.

The unique aspect of Snap is that it is a bingo game that gives you 3 different chances to win: (1) Poker Hand Bonus, (2) Calling SNAP! Or (3) Game Jackpot. Once the game has begun the dealer will turn over the cards one at a time. The letters S, N, A, P or ! will appear on any of the cards that match.

JackpotJoy's legendary SNAP! game gives you so many chances to win. You can also try the game version with the progressive jackpot - Super SNAP! Will you become the next happy snapper?

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